6 Easy-to-Follow Booty Band Workouts From YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt — Literally


Adding a booty band — also known as a hip circle, mini band, or resistance band — to your fitness routine is a great way to sculpt your butt and make bodyweight moves harder. They’re cost-efficient, come in different sizes (AKA, resistances), and are perfect for home workouts. I, for one, love using them. As NASM-certified trainer Alexia Clark said in a previous POPSUGAR interview, “I tell people that some of the hardest sets or burnouts and workouts I’ve done have been using bands.” (And, as she demonstrates in that same article, you can use booty bands for your arms, too!)

If you’re looking for the best ways to use your booty band during a workout, YouTube is a grade-A resource. Ahead, we’ve compiled six videos from certified trainers that you can do right in your living room. Full of kickbacks, squats, even deadlifts, these will target your hamstrings, quads, and, most importantly, glutes. They range in length, but none are longer than 20 minutes. Grab that band (these are my favorites) and get to work!

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