This Is the 1 Life-Changing Running Accessory I Never Leave Home Without


I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m 100 percent a fair-weather runner. So when the warmer Spring weather finally blew through Vermont a few weeks ago, it totally inspired me to head outside and start trail running again. I love the freedom of running free over roots and streams, trekking up actual hills (it’s way more fun than the treadmill incline!), watching my two dogs run alongside me, and feeling the wind and sun on my skin.

What I don’t love is the very real fear that a bear could cross my path. I guess I’m living on the edge, though, as there have been several bear sightings in my neighborhood, but that hasn’t stopped me! I can’t let a little ol’ bear (or a humongous, protective mama bear with bear cubs) scare me from getting in the runs I need for my mental health.

What I learned from a trail guide is that bears are scared of noise, and their tip was to sing while I run (uh, no thanks) or to listen to my music really loud. So instead of using headphones, I keep my phone on speaker, but I didn’t want to bother with holding my phone in my hand. That’s when I tried this new SPI running belt that has a built-in window ($30). Here’s what I love about it.

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