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10 Spray Sunscreens That Belong in Your Beach Bag - Fashion Daily Tips

10 Spray Sunscreens That Belong in Your Beach Bag

Why do we love spray sunscreens? Let us count the ways. For one, it makes applying the product so easy. Sunscreen is the one item we always need on hand, but we often times forget to reapply, or we just don’t want to ruin our bathing suit, and end up not applying it. Plus, many people don’t like formulas that leave a white cast or feel sticky. With spray sunscreens though, all those excuses go out the window, as it’s easy to apply and use at pretty much all times. Now, there’s no reason for sunburns, because spray sunscreens exist.

Whether you’re working out outside, looking to get a tan, or coming in and out of the water, there’s a spray made for you. Summer is coming, and we have to be protected. Just keep reading to shop our picks.

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