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15 Of The Best Butch Haircuts For Men in 2021

Despite long hair continuing as a trend over the last decade, the classic butch haircut will never go out of style. Whether you like to keep things simple with a buzz cut or you’re open to trying out a temple fade, these butch haircuts prove just how versatile and masculine shorter hair can be. 

Though it might be tempting to have some extra hair to hide behind, male celebrities like Chris Evans and Channing Tatum are proving just how attractive these simple yet classic cuts truly are. That being said, keep reading for our list of the best 15 butch haircuts for men who dare to do it all. 

1. Short Butch Haircut

Classic butch haircuts tend to fall on the shorter side. One of the most common examples of a short butch haircut is the buzzcut, a common hairstyle among athletes and military men.

@marcodamoda / Instagram

2. Long Butch Haircut

To achieve a long butch haircut the hair needs to be grown out at the same length around the head. Generally, a long butch haircut is considered no more than an inch or two long – don’t worry you won’t have to wait years to achieve this one. This haircut will require regular maintenance to avoid looking ragged. 

Long Butch Haircut
@visual.fox / Instagram

3. Butch Haircut with Fade

The butch haircut with a fade is a more modern take on the timeless style. While this style is still very short, it does display an eye-catching effect as the hair becomes shorter and shorter as it descends toward the neck. 

Butch Haircut with Fade
@mabellecheveux.antwerp / Instagram

4. Butch Haircut with Beard

There is no denying the fact that a butch haircut and a beard are a match made in style heaven. The difference between the shorter hair on the head and the longer hair on the face creates a distinctively masculine look. It is the perfect synergy for the man seeking to up his confidence and looks more mature. 


Butch Haircut with Beard
@misc_buzz / Instagram

5. Butch Haircut with Shaved Lines

If you are looking for a hairstyle that has a bit more flair, go for a more daring butch haircut with shaved lines. While the shaved parts of the hair will be a different length than the rest of the hair, it can create a striking contrast among an otherwise cohesive style. This style also gives you the creative freedom to do designs such as stacked lines or zig-zag patterns.

Butch Haircut with Shaved Lines
@cut.throat.george / Instagram

6. Chris Evans’ Butch Haircut

Actor Chris Evans is known to sport butch haircuts every once in a while. Though his hair changes with each role, there is no denying the fact that this man can really pull off a buzz cut. This style typically leaves the hair uniform length around the head and slightly longer on top. 

Chris Evan's Butch Haircut
@mathiashjorths / Instagram

7. Steve Jobs’ Butch Haircut

Throughout his life, Steve Jobs was nearly always spotted donning a short hairstyle. However, while Jobs’ hair maintained a uniform length, it was definitely on the longer side. To some, this style could easily become disheveled or messy, but Jobs mastered the long butch haircut, espcially for receding hairlines. 

Steve Job's Butch Haircut
@gaspalmeri / Instagram

8. Butch Haircut with Temple Fade

The temple fade is one of the most popular fade styles among men. The hair is left long on the crown and slowly faded to create an even cut. This effect adds more structure to the face, the best addition to any outfit.

Butch Haircut with Temple Fade
@kaye__still / Instagram

9. Long Butch Haircut with Side Sway

Long butch haircuts with a side sway allow for a lot more style opportunities than your basic butch haircut. There are a few different ways to accomplish this style. For one, you can create a side sway with gel or hair clay to ensure that the shape holds throughout the day. Additionally, if your hair is long enough, you should be able to just comb the hair over into a soft left or right part to achieve the style. If you have hair that just won’t cooperate try asking your barber for a hard part as well. 

Long Butch Haircut with Side Sway
@vincenzo_lipari_barber / Instagram

10. Modern Butch Cut with Medium Top

Most modern butch haircuts feature a fuller and longer crown with shorter sides, this haircut tends to offer the best of both worlds to men looking for flair and convenience. Easily styled with some hair clay, let yourself experiment with different looks, like a side-sweep or a small pompadour (Hot tip: add a hard part in to create deep contrast in the hair). 

Modern Butch Haircut with Medium Top
@ihaxann / Instagram

11. Butch Haircut with Taper Sides

Butch haircuts with tapered sides are similar to butch haircuts with a fade. Tapering simply means a gradual reduction either to a buzz or to the skin.

Butch Haircut with Taper Sides
@dondiegosalon / Instagram

12. Classic Butch Haircut with Mustache

You know a full beard or facial hair looks great with butch haircuts, but a classic butch haircut with a mustache can create a mature look, making it completely unique compared to other styles. The mustache is a great place to play around with different styles as well. 

Classic Butch Haircut with Mustache
@vincenzo_lipari_barber / Instagram

13. Butch Haircut for Tight Curls 

There is a lot of versaility available when working with different hair textures, long or cropped close to the head, the butch haircuts seem nearly endless. For an effortless haircut, that will require some upkeep, try a buzzed look for that easy wake-up-and-go look we all strive for. 

Butch Haircut for Tight Curls
@cuts_by_jt / Instagram

14. Buzz and Butch Haircut

For the most part buzz or butch haircuts require very little maintenance. The buzz cut is perfect for men who want to be able to wake up, roll out of bed, and go about their day without having the inconvenience of thinking about their hair. 

Buzz and Butch Haircut
@baldmen.philuc / Instagram

15. French Crop Butch Haircut

Though the hair is not entirely even, the French crop butch haircut is a funky take on this style. While the hair around the entire head is rather short, there is a delicate yet noticeable fade that occurs around the sides of the head. The hair on the crown of the head tends to be a bit longer, meaning this style looks best on men with round faces. 

French Crop Butch Haircut
@seniorsasan / Instagram

Men’s Butch Haircut FAQ:

What is a butch haircut?

Also referred to as a “brush cut,” butch haircuts tend to be rather short and masculine-looking haircuts that require the entire head of hair to be evenly cut short. Generally, the top and upper portions of the hair are shaved at the same length, usually between ¼ and ½ of an inch. 

How do you care for a butch haircut?

If you want your butch haircut to keep its original style and length, you’ll need to do regular touch-ups, especially if you have fast-growing hair. Expect to get a trim every two to three weeks. 

How to ask for a butch haircut?

While many stylists might understand what a butch haircut is, showing photos is always the best way to ensure that you are going to get what you want. You can also mention a brush cut and then give specifics when it comes to your preference on the length. 

Butch cut vs crew cut: what’s the difference?

The biggest difference between a butch haircut and a crew cut is that butch haircuts have a uniform length while crew cuts allow for more creativity in styling and length. 

How to style a butch haircut?

If your butch haircuts tend to be on the shorter side, you won’t have to do much styling. If you are sporting a butch haircut that is longer, try adding some mousse, hair clay, or gel for a textured look.

What is butch wax?

Butch wax is a hair clay used to create texture and desired style. There are plenty of different types for thick to thin hair. If your hair is thin try something that is going to add volume and pull the hair away from the head to create the illusion of thicker hair.

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