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15 of the Best Lip Glosses on the Market

The best lip glosses still make a statement, even 11 years after rapper Lil Mama declared her love for the beauty product. We’ve come a long way from the early 2000’s lip gloss, as brands have made strides to include more moisturizing and skin-softening ingredients, and to make them feel less sticky, more hydrated. Included on this list you’ll find clear lip gloss with glass-like finishes, high-impact opacity, and amazing drugstore options. Ahead, check out our picks for the best lip glosses – the ones we’ll still be singing about a decade later.

As serious lip gloss lovers, we’ve curated the 15 best of the best. These options are guaranteed to become your new go-to’s. Lip gloss is one of our desert island beauty products, and some of the only makeup we’ve consistently worn throughout our lives, so we know a thing or two about a great formula. Keep on reading to shop our picks.

Additional reporting by Jesa Marie Calaor

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