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16 Grooming Gifts He Probably Won't Buy For Himself (but Needs Anyway)

  • Finding beauty items for men may be difficult, but it is not impossible.
  • Grooming gifts are available at almost any cosmetic or retail store. Look for one specific to the needs of the man you are shopping for.
  • Shaving kits, cologne samplers, and travel bags are a great place to start when beginning your gift hunt.

If you thought holiday shopping was difficult, just wait until you have to do it for the men in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a sibling, friend, romantic partner, parent, or anyone else, finding something special to show your appreciation for them can often prove challenging, especially when your plan is to go the beauty or grooming route. While you could get them a fancy watch, some kind of customized kitchen utensil, or whatever popular gadget everyone’s talking about these days, you also can’t go wrong with a beauty gift that inspires them to be (and look like) their best selves.

Men’s beauty gifts can be specialized to the need of the man you’re shopping for. Do they want to grow a beard? There are plenty of beard-growth kits. Are they into cologne but not sure what their scent is? Buy them a cologne sampler from almost any designer brand. Plus, more guys than you think are concerned about skin care. Buy them a mask kit or product sampler for their morning and nightly routines.

Read ahead to check out the best men’s grooming gifts that he’ll appreciate just as much as he appreciates you.

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