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16 New Year's Eve Manicures to Help You Start 2022 in Style

  • Celebrate 2022 with festive New Year’s Eve nails.
  • Metallic nail polish, hand-painted designs, and lots of glitter make up the best New Year’s Eve nail-art ideas.
  • These New Year’s Eve manicures will complete your holiday outfit.

You might think you’re all ready for New Year’s Eve – hair, makeup, outfit, and shoes are set – but what about your manicure? It would be a shame not to end the year with amazing nails. To ring in 2022, and to kiss the turbulent year that was 2021 goodbye, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Whether you’re attending a glamorous dinner party with friends or watching the ball drop from your couch with takeout in hand, New Year’s Eve nails are never out of place.

You can go the traditional route with your New Year’s Eve manicure and adorn your fingertips with the numbers 2022 (extra points if you do it with rhinestones) or approach the night with a more subtle vibe, like a glittery french manicure or hand-painted stars. All that matters is you find a nail-art design that suits your personal style and makes you feel like you’re putting your best nails forward for the new year.

Metallic nail polishes, 3D accents, and eye-catching glitter lacquer all make for great New Year’s Eve nails. There’s nothing like a fun and bubbly design to really get you into the celebratory spirit, and let’s admit it: we could all use it after the year (make that two) we’ve had.

Ahead, find the best New Year’s Eve nails to help you welcome 2022 when the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31.

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