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20 Of The Best Long Beard Styles For Men in 2022

While some people say long beard styles are making a comeback, the simple truth is, they never went away (and for your peace of mind, never will). It’s official, from ancient warriors to Abraham Lincoln and James Harden; men look better with long beards.

Elegant or edgy, classic or contemporary, however, you want to express yourself, men’s long beard styles are here to stay. Men touting long beard styles appear more mature, respected, and powerful. Plus, according to multiple studies, bearded guys have a higher social status than their clean-shaven brothers.

If you’re growing out your beard or already hitting the significant six-inch marker, what are you waiting for? It’s time to check out the 20 best long beard styles for men to take your beard game next level.

1. Faded Long Beard

We’ve got news; fades aren’t just for the noggin – faded long beard styles are starting to trend too. A subtle, slimming look for bearded guys, a long-faded beard keeps the sideburns and cheek hair short, gradually blending down to a 3-6″ long chin beard. Elevate the look with a faded hairstyle. But leave the technical trimming in the hands of your trusted barber.

@e_n_zz_o / Instagram

2. Long Beard With Faded Sideburns

Men’s long beard styles fall into two categories; big, bold, and fierce, or trim, tamed, and sharp. A long beard with faded sideburns belongs to the second group. 

Faded sideburns are a great way to seamlessly blend a long beard into a short hairstyle. This stylized facial hair requires regular barber trips, but that’s what keeps the look fresh and office-ready.

Long Beard With Faded Sideburns
@beerded_1 / Instagram

3. The Harden Beard

Brooklyn Nets baller James Harden infamously valued his beard at $10 million. This hair-raising figure was the price Harden said he would fundraise for charity before shaving off his beard. It may seem arrogant, but it was all for a good cause. To rock your own million-dollar long beard style, grow your hair out to at least 5″ and don’t even think about shaving your mustache or cheeks. 

The Harden Beard
@jharden13 / Instagram

4. Full Polished Beard

Don’t listen to the haters; it’s 100% possible to have a beard that’s both long and professional looking. To keep long beard styles sharp and tidy, you’ll need an established grooming routine. Wash your beard regularly; after morning cleansing, apply beard oil and brush the hair downwards. At night, moisturize to prevent dryness and dandruff. Finally, trim off any flyaways as soon as they appear.

Full Polished Beard
@alexangel168 / Instagram

5. Power Beard

What makes long beards so attractive? Let’s take it back to our cavemen brethren. A power beard symbolized health and virility. Many ancient cultures appointed their leaders based on their beard size. Fast forward to modern times, and we’re still attracted to long beard styles. Grow your beard to at least 4-6″ long and make a powerful statement.

Power Beard
@welovekaani / Instagram

6. Power Beard With Walrus Mustache

Many long beard styles, including power beards, are all about personality. Depending on your natural hair texture, they are around 6″ long and can be straight, curly, or wavy. Pair a power beard with a bold walrus mustache for a rugged and messy look that makes you appear worldly and wise. Comb it down, curl it up, but only you have the power to impress.

Power Beard With Walrus Mustache
@hairyfinn / Instagram

7. Long Mustache And Long Thick Beard

Longbeard styles are all about patience. Expect lots of facial hair envy if you have a long mustache and a long thick beard. If your personal and professional life allows, the best way to get this look is to train, not trim. Let your mustache and beard grow freely, and when you have a firm foundation, that’s the time to start the styling and trimming process.

Long Mustache And Long Thick Beard
@vikingymm / Instagram

8. The Uniform Beard

The name of this beard style says it all; it’s a uniform length throughout, making it one of the more suitable long beard styles for white-collar workers. It’s a full-face beard that connects the whiskers. Not all facial hair grows at a uniform speed, though, so it may take as long as 6-12 months for this beard style to materialize.

The Uniform Beard
@berzinsky / Instagram

9. Even Flow Beard

Men’s long beard styles are all about going to great lengths. This unique big beard is a uniform length that begins at the sides and jaw. An even flow beard reaches the chin to the chest, has lots of volume, and is brushed to perfection—time to go with the flow and get even like Black Label Society founder Zakk Wylde.

Even Flow Beard
@absolute_beard / Instagram

10. Long Natural Beard

Natural long beard styles are here to stay. A long natural beard may be wild, but it must be shaped and well maintained to showcase its proper form. Don’t let the facial hair go untamed or give it free rein, trim it as it grows, trim away stray hair using beard scissors, and comb downwards in one direction. 

Long Natural Beard
@alaa.jibrail / Instagram

11. Razor’s Edge

Long and flowing on the bottom with sharp, defined cheek lines, long beard styles with razor edges offer the best of both worlds. Embrace your facial hair while still keeping your face defined and visible. To get those edges razor-sharp, you’ll need, you guessed it, a razor. A simple hand-held or “cut-throat” razor is enough to do the job and create a striking cheek line.

Razor's Edge
@queyoun / Instagram

12. Lumberjack Beard

You may have seen the term “lumbersexual” making the rounds on social media, but what does it mean? A lumbersexual is a young urban guy with an outdoorsy style. You’ll need a flannel shirt, worn-in jeans, chunky boots, and the most essential accessory of all, one of the burliest long beard styles featuring a thick mustache. The ability to chop down trees is optional, though.

Lumberjack Beard
@lordbrask / Instagram

13. The Warrior Beard

From King Leonidas, leader of the Spartans, to fearsome ruler Ghengis Khan, many of history’s greatest warriors wore long beard styles. Although these days, battles get fought in the boardroom rather than the battlefield, you can still harness the power of these courageous men. Pair a long beard with a fearless attitude and a bold hairstyle, such as braids, a Mohawk, or undercut.

The Warrior Beard
@wayneclarke / Instagram

14. Wild And Carefree Long Beard

Longbeard styles are versatile, and there is a style to suit any guy. Wild and carefree is the way to go for free-spirited men who don’t want to dedicate a lot of time to beard maintenance. Casual and laidback, pair this relaxed beard style with long hair. While grooming is minimal, we recommend moisturizing daily to prevent dryness and itching.

Wild And Carefree Long Beard
@spizoiky/ Instagram

15. Hipster Long Beard

The hipster lifestyle is so much more than a stereotype. It’s all about living outside of the box, thinking independently, and pushing against mainstream culture and trends. Embracing styles that are more artistic and unique also applies to facial hair. Hipster men’s long beard styles often combine a thick, bushy beard with a substantial mustache. 

Hipster Long Beard
@dave.vendetta / Instagram

16. Two-Tone Long Beard

If you are looking for inspo for one of the manliest long beard styles, then two-tone is the way to go. Let the gray hair in your long beard grow and color only the roots to get this look. You can also get the gray by bleaching the middle and ends. It’s best to go to a professional, though, as harsh chemicals can result in hair loss or uneven breakage.

Two-Tone Long Beard
@sir_ndrewsilver / Instagram

17. Bold Shaped Long Beard

Neat and well-manicured, not all men’s long beard styles are untamed and wooly. Here, the beard starts high by the sideburns and flows long and shaped with a square or angular cut. It’s a big, bold beard for a macho man. Go for an angled shape if you have an oval face or square if your proportions are more triangular.

Bold Shaped Long Beard
@masih_beard / Instagram

18. Pompadour With Long Beard

Nothing screams put together like a perfectly created pompadour (believe us, it’s not as easy as it looks) and a long, well-maintained beard. Both of these require major upkeep but provide some of the biggest rewards. 

Pompadour With Long Beard
@theasguardian / Instagram

19. Long Goatee Beard

Release your inner rebel with a long goatee beard. One of the boldest long beard styles is a combination of a goatee and mustache. But you don’t have to be a man on a motorcycle or a guy with a guitar to rock this look. For inspo, check out Brad Pitt, Brad Paisley, and Idris Elba. 

Long Goatee Beard
@everett225 / Depositphotos

20. Viking Long Beard

The long Viking beard is full and flowing. To remain true to these fearless and adventurous Norse warriors, wear it wild and let it run free. Better yet, elevate the look to 21st century standards by choosing one of the many men’s long beard styles and rocking it like your bearded brothers with braids or beads. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to let your beard grow for around 8-12 weeks.

Viking Long Beard
@thorrosland / Instagram

Long Beard Styles FAQ:

How to trim long beard styles

Trimming long beard styles is easy when you’re in the know-how. 

First, wash, dry, and moisturize the skin beneath the beard. Detangle using a wide toothpick-style comb. Using adjustable clippers, trim the bulk of your beard and cheeks, and then, with the clipper angled downwards, clip the sides of the beard. 

Finally, trim off any stray flyaway hairs with small scissors before moving onto the chin. Last but not least, trim the underside.

What hairstyles go with a long beard?

From a pompadour with a high bald fade to a man bun or buzz cut with skin fade, many on-trend hairstyles complement men’s long beard styles. Regarding long beard styles, talk with your barber about the many options to suit your age, lifestyle, and face shape.

Are long beard styles easy to maintain?

Get your grooming game on and maintain those long beard styles with a regular routine. First of all, make your barber your new best friend. Next, keep your beard clean by washing it regularly using a gentle beard cleanser. Brush to avoid knotting and train your beard to grow in the direction you want it to by combing daily. Finally, moisturize the skin beneath your beard not only after shampooing but also at night.

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