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29 Killer Items From Nordstrom's Sale I Can Personally Vouch For

If you hadn’t heard, Nordstrom has been having an epic sale. Now, normally when we do these kinds of roundups, we scour said sale to bring you the best deals on the most coveted items we can find. This time, however, we’re doing things a little differently. 

Instead of providing you with a guide of things we want, we’re supplying a list of items we’ve actually bought and tried. That means fully vetted beauty, fashion, and home decor at hugely discounted prices. Some of these things never go on sale, so you can feel extra good about the fact that you’re getting a foolproof buy for a steal. If you’re ready to find my ‘best of’ list, keep scrolling. Warning: you’re going to want it all. 

Classic eyewear at its finest. 

The creme de la creme of jeans. Fitted in all the right places. 

My daily go-to for shine, moisture and heat protection. 

Absolute favorite candle on the planet. I screamed when I saw it at a markdown. 

The perfect comfy and cool bra for those days when you really don’t feel like wearing one. 

Real talk, this is the best toiletry bag for travel. It’s the perfect size and since it’s canvas it’s super durable. 

Hello, cult favorite lipstick shade. 

Are you even a beauty person if you don’t have a beauty blender? 

A friend of mine let me try hers and I’ve been vying for one of my own ever since. I noticed the lifting effects immediately. Hailey Bieber also swears by the device.

While this is very much a splurge, I get compliments every time I wear this woodsy yet sweet-smelling perfume. 

This glides on and keeps me protected whether I’m at the beach or just running around. 

I love an easy throw-on sweater and this is very much one of those. 

For whenever your feet need a little love!

I’ve been using this exfoliating cleanser for years. FYI the price reflects the largest size. I normally get the smaller one and it lasts quite awhile. 

I’ve worn these off and on since I was in high school and I’ve gotta say I love the leopard. 

A pair of these pajamas were gifted to me, and I’m not kidding when I say they are the softest, most comfortable pieces of fabric you will ever put on your body.  

Great for the farmers market, a picnic, to hold your notebook…you name it!

My mother easily looks ten years younger than she is and she swears by a silk pillowcase. She likes that it doesn’t leave wrinkles on her face and it helps with bedhead. 

Sorry, but I love ’em! Plus, the yellow is too cute for summer. 

This baby runs tight but she keeps things in check if you know what I mean. 

Super comfortable whether you’re working out or just lying on the couch. 

I try to dry brush everyday, at the very least I find it energizing, and I like how this one has a removable handle. 

A friend of mine swears by this concealer. She refuses to use anything else and she never gets the dreaded under eye makeup crease. 

Ok, admittedly this has not been tried but I think it’s too cute for spring and want you to have it. 

Tata Harper fan here! This jelly-like mask is cooling as well as brightening and moisturizing. 

We loved our Casper mattress so much that we bought the pillow and now we essentially sleep on a weightless cloud. 

My hair is color treated and this really works to help bring it back to life. 

501’s are a staple silhouette that truly look good on everybody. 

I’ve always preferred a Chelsea rain boot to one that goes to my knee, especially for those spring and summer storms.  Up Next: This Bag Silhouette is Trending Hard – 30 Designer Styles I’m Loving.

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