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3 Easy Dewy Makeup Looks for When You Only Have 10, 20, or 30 Minutes

It’s no secret—everyone wants to look dewy. In an ideal world, we could all roll out of bed with skin resembling a glazed doughnut and go on with our days. Unfortunately, unless you’re superhuman, that’s likely not possible. 

I wish I had endless time every morning to perfect my makeup and make myself look as dewy as possible, but let’s be honest: Most mornings, I’m lucky if I get even 20 minutes of glam time. I know many of us are on tight morning schedules, so I reached out to celebrity makeup artists Beck Wainner and Jamie Greenberg for their best advice for creating a dewy makeup look on a tight timeline. Whether you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes (lucky), they helped me figure out the best way to make yourself look polished, put-together, and impossibly glowy.

Opt for a multitasking product that gives you an allover glow, like an illuminating sunscreen. From there, pop a highlighter-blush hybrid on your cheeks to warm up your face. Greenberg recommends finishing up with some brow wax to hold brows in place and give them definition and swiping on a bit of tubing mascara for tons of length. (She loves the cult-favorite Thrive mascara for this.) Complete the look with some hydrating lip gloss that you can easily reapply as needed, and you’re all set for the day.

The perfect sunscreen to give you a dewy glow and blur imperfections. It’s also hydrating and infused with blue-light protection.

This TikTok-famous wand acts as a highlighter and a blush. 

Define and shape your brows with this brow soap. 

This mascara is tubing, so it adds tons of length. 

This gloss is also extremely hydrating, so your lips stay soft throughout the day. 

If you have 20 minutes, you can go a little bit more in-depth and use a few more products to complete your look. Wainner recommends beginning with a day cream, following up with a sunscreen, and then using an illuminating primer as a glowy base. Apply a sheer foundation over for a breathable skin finish, and use a hydrating concealer on any parts of your face that could use a little extra coverage. She recommends setting any part of your face that might get oily so you’ll keep looking dewy instead of shiny. Finish up with a multi-stick for added color and illumination.

This lightweight moisturizer sinks in instantly and plumps your skin. 

If you want to use an editor-favorite sunscreen, opt for this clear pick from Elta MD. 

Smooth on this illuminating primer for a lit-from-within effect. 

For flexible and breathable coverage, this skin tint from Chanel is hard to beat. 

This concealer has so many skin-friendly ingredients that it doubles as an eye cream. 

Use this illuminating stick everywhere for a flush of dreamy color and a highlighting boost. 

Use this finely milled powder in any oil-prone areas.

If you have 30 minutes, you have tons of time to treat yourself. Greenberg would start with a sculpting tool and an eye-and-lip mask to impart hydration and prime your face for products. She recommends using the face tool for five minutes and the eye-and-lip mask for 10. Use whatever skincare you’d like (but be sure to apply sunscreen!). Greenberg recommends popping concealer anywhere you want more coverage and then swiping on liquid eye shadow and mascara. Use a glowy blush to light up the cheeks and contour in the hollows, set your T-zone with a finely milled powder to curb any unwanted oil, and finish with a lip gloss.

Don’t be fooled—this unassuming skincare tool is a celebrity and makeup-artist favorite. 

If de-puffing is the name of the game, these eye masks get the gold medal. 

This hydrating and plumping mask is a desert-island product. 

Not only is this moisturizer supremely hydrating, but it also has tons of sun protection. 

This concealer corrects, hydrates, brightens, and provides coverage, so it’s a true multitasker. 

For such a highly pigmented liquid eye shadow, this cream option is also incredibly easy to use.

For lengthened lashes that still look natural, opt for this tubing mascara.

This cream formula acts as both a blush and a highlighter. 

Not only does this set your makeup and ensure your face doesn’t get shiny, but it also helps blur imperfections and smooths skin. 

This shiny lip gloss makes your lips look downright reflective. 

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