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4 of the Coolest Makeup Trends Worth Experimenting With in 2022

  • We asked professional makeup artists to share their 2022 makeup trend predictions.
  • 2021 saw perfected feather brows and dewy blush take center stage, but in 2022, we’ll see bold lips, satin skin, and bright berry hues.
  • These makeup trends will involve making small tweaks to your makeup routine.

As 2021 comes to a close, we would be remiss not to look back on how much we have changed as beauty-lovers. While 2020 saw us having much more time to experiment with makeup at home, 2021 saw us put our newly sharpened skills to the test. Slightly more relaxed restrictions meant that our perfected feathered brow techniques and perfectly dewy blush would finally get their time in the spotlight. But as we reach the end of the year, we’re starting to see even more tweaks as we inch closer and closer to “normalcy.”

Just as soon as we’ve perfected dewy, glass skin, we’ll be adjusting our techniques once more for 2022. “People are realizing with mask-wear, makeup that is too dewy isn’t super long-wearing,” professional makeup artist and content creator Ehlie Luna told POPSUGAR. So, what exactly can we expect going into the new year? It turns out makeup in 2022 will be all about bold but practical glam. Think: embellishments, bold lips, and eye-catching hues paired with base makeup that will last.

If the thought of restructuring your routine has you panicking, there’s no need to fret. We’ve asked professional makeup artists to lay out exactly what we can expect in the new year to stay ahead of the curve. Join us in whipping out our makeup brushes as we start to rethink our routines for the new year. After all, 2022 has to have a few main characters, and they might as well be us.

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