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42 Cheap Nordstrom Finds That Look Triple Their Price

As a fashion editor, I have a keen eye for spotting expensive-looking details. Since I spend hours a day looking at both designer pieces and affordable buys online, I’ve gotten well-acquainted with certain details that happen to look really luxe. It could be the wide cut of a blazer, a wrinkle-immune fabric like plissé, a bias-cut silhouette, or a rich espresso brown color. Regardless, I pride myself on spotting these elevated finds even at the most affordable price points and today I’m sharing 42 such buys from none other than Nordstrom.

I think it goes without saying that if given the option you’d want to avoid looking “cheap” even if your clothing budget says otherwise, right? (Speaking from personal experience, my shopping receipts are between me and God). Which is why on my latest visit to Nordstrom’s site, I curated a bunch of cool finds that low-key look triple their price. While many of these pieces fall around or under the $100 mark, I wouldn’t blame you for assuming otherwise.

The epitome of a “buy now, wear forever” piece.

Trendy, but not too trendy.

You have to see the back.

Tailored perfection.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how good these look for the price.

Knit sets always look so luxe.

’90s staples are superior and this dress is proof.

The perfect boots to pair with your mini skirts this spring.

One word: easy.

When it has Editor in the style name you know it’s a good find.

I’m planning on ordering these in case you want to join me.

It’s all in the details.

Leather + quilting = expensive-looking gold.

Found your next going-out top.

The Row taste on a minimal budget.

This color can do no wrong.

The slim fit and darker mid-blue wash give these an elevated feel.

It doesn’t get more classic than this.

Yep, I’m still so into corsets.

Unexpected but cool.

Wear these with the blazer or style them solo.

Those buttons though.

So much to love about these.

The coolest puffer jacket I’ve seen in a while.

There are plenty of versions of this knit, but this one’s really impressing me.

Bye-bye, structured bags. Hello, slouchy bags.

So timeless.

One of the hardest-working wardrobe staples out there.

Did I just find the perfect relaxed trousers for under $100?

Wear this to your next cocktail event. Trust me.

Faux leather basically guarantees you look expensive.

How are these not designer?

I’m honestly speechless.

Cool, flattering, and surpsisngly wearable.

Sometimes the simpler option really is better.


Chic no matter what you wear it over.

This can easily be dressed up or down.

The elevated trend everyone’s swapping their jeans for.

I’m crushing hard on this underwire situation.

No caption necessary.

Calling all flats people.

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