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Netflix Series You Should Watch If You Love Fashion

Fashion series are some of the most popular television shows today – and with good reason. After all, what’s not to love about people who are just as fashion-obsessed as you are, who get to wear beautiful clothes, and who have all sorts of drama going on in their lives that relate to your own? This article will look at five Netflix series about fashion that will keep you entertained for weeks or months on end, depending on how quickly you finish them!

Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion is a Netflix reality show and fashion design competition series hosted by Tan France and Alexa Chung and featuring a revolving door of VIP guest judges, the series’ first season comprises 10 episodes of pure creativity… and a little healthy competition.

Emily in Paris

It stars Lily Collins as the optimistic title character. To turn Emily into a fashion icon, Patricia Field served as the consulting costume designer on the series. A young American moves to Paris, where her mangled French speech can get her into trouble, but her Americanized vision of French style isn’t without its charms (or accessories!). As a consultant costume designer on the show, Patricia Field, Star’s collaborator on Sex and the City, helped Emily become a style icon for the new era of TV.

My Unorthodox Life

Julia Haart is a designer and executive whose glamorous existence is chronicled in My Unorthodox Life. Haart hosts fashion shows, throws yacht parties, and takes her family to Paris Fashion Week on her reality series, but that life couldn’t be more different from how she lived 10 years ago. When she was 42, the mother of four left her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community for Manhattan, where she became CEO of Elite World Group.

Styling Hollywood

Married business partners Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis style A-listers on the red carpet and at home.
The award-winning Hollywood stylist, who is also a judge on the Next in Fashion competition show, is known for being just as amazing at making homes as he is making gowns for celebrities. Styling Hollywood showcases not just what is coming next in fashion, but in luxurious home décor as well.

America’s Next Top Model

A competition that aspiring models go through to win valuable career opportunities in the modeling industry. Tyra Banks, who stars in the iconic show, is a role model and more people look to her as an iconic,one-of-a-kind model, as if they are thinking, She did it, so I can too.

Glow Up:

Queer Eye is a TV franchise based on a team of professionals who give guests lifestyle and fashion makeovers. A great makeup look won’t go unappreciated. Runway shows forecast clothes trends, so they’re part of what may be coming to Sephora next. To prepare, we’re streaming four seasons of a show on Netflix.

Queer Eye

10 aspiring make-up artists live and work together, to demonstrate their make-up skills to the judges.
The remake maintains the original format of the Fab Five – a team of experts in culture, food, grooming, interior design and, of course, fashion – to coach a person with a tenuous grasp on some or all of those disciplines. But while the original series had more of the snarky edge of the era it’s from, the remake offers it a modern makeover. the new Fab Five take an empathetic approach to their heroes, calling their subjects. The show aims to make you feel good.



With a vision of early 19th-century style with a modern twist, it has remained a fashion world favorite. Since its late 2020 premiere, Bridgeton has maintained a strong hold on the fashion world’s imagination, supporting the romance Regency core trend and inspiring pop-ups, window displays and other puffy sleeve and empire waist inspired collections of dresses in soft, flowery prints. No wonder everyone in the show keeps falling in love!


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