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5 Steps To Easy Italian Style This Spring

Spring, in our opinion, is a good time for getting dressed. It’s a myth that style can ever be truly effortless, but in the springtime, it’s about as hassle-free as it gets. At this time of year, your outfit combinations don’t require an assembly manual. Layering is simple and stylish, and if you’re lucky, the harshest weather you’ll contend with is a warm breeze. 

One label that understands this is Luca Faloni. Renowned for a deceptively simple and surprisingly affordable approach to classic Italian luxury, its latest collection masters springtime elegance as only our friends in Italy are able to.

Luca Faloni’s capsule of mid-season essentials it’s a compact wardrobe of timeless pieces that walk the line between smart and casual, in step with contemporary lifestyles. These are clothes that work for laid-back offices and busy city breaks alike: tailored polos, denim shirts, easy-wearing chinos, and lightweight knitwear. 

Luca Faloni

Presented in a spring-friendly palette of (mostly) cool pastels, the collection thoughtfully works as a whole. You can switch one shirt or tee with another without having to adjust any other part of your outfit. 

Many items in the Primavera Edit are menswear classics, but they’re elevated with Luca Faloni’s trademark eye for a sophisticated detail. The label’s distinctive Paramontura collar graces the necklines of the shirts and polos, while a number of items arrive in a silk-cotton weave created in the mills of Biella in northern Italy.

The label sources materials and craftspeople with a sense of tradition in mind. The mill responsible for the exclusive silk-cotton blend, for example, has 300 years of family history behind it. The resulting garments are incredibly tactile, lightweight, and breathable, making them able to regulate your body temperature if the weather is still a little changeable. 

man wearing Luca Faloni
Luca Faloni

Comfort is the other guiding principle for Luca Faloni. You can’t look effortless if you don’t look comfortable. So as well as its signature silk-cotton blend, the Primavera Edit also features soft-handle denim, ever-wearable cotton pique, and naturally, Linen. 

These are our best picks from the permanent collection. We recommend you give any one of them a try.

Remember how we said that good style is never truly effortless? Here’s a good example because a lot of thought has gone into the making of this shirt.

First, it’s made from cotton pique, the diamond-shaped weave more commonly seen in polo shirts, and adapted here for something smarter and more considered.

Then there are the lightly washed colors, the product of a clever dyeing technique: relaxed but also sophisticated. It’s the very essence of that uniquely Italian approach to smart-casual dressing.




There are polo shirts – an undisputed wardrobe classic – and then there are Luca Faloni’s silk-cotton polo shirts crafted in Piedmont in northern Italy. Elevated with design details like the mother of pearl buttons and cuffs, more commonly seen on dress shirts, this is a truly luxurious take on something we all have hanging in the closet.

The silk-cotton blend is perfect for this time of year: wearable, breathable, and immensely comfortable. Effortless Italian elegance at its very best.




A common misconception about any garment made with silk is that, because it’s luxurious, it must be fragile and impractical. That is not the case. Silk is a tough and technical fabric, put to very fine use in this, your new favorite T-shirt. Luca Faloni’s silk-cotton blend (60/40 in favor of the silk) makes for a genuinely foundational wardrobe staple.

Yes, it’s the most comfortable tee you’ve ever slinked a bicep inside of, but it’s also breathable, durable, hypoallergenic, and just stretchy enough. Oh, and because the material helps regulate body temperature, you’ll never be too cold, and never be too warm.




A well-designed chino is nothing short of a forever trouser, but the style really comes into its own in the spring. A modestly tailored fit strikes that evergreen balance between smart and casual, while an internal waistband keeps your shirt tucked for you.

Luca Faloni’s take is made from lightweight but durable whipcord cotton, marked by a distinctive diagonal cord. Dressed up or down without breaking its stride, this is a menswear staple you could wear to a job interview or a lazy Sunday brunch. 



Luca Faloni Lightweight Cotton Chinos

You’re not doing spring-style justice until you walk out into the sunshine with cashmere against your skin. The ultra-fine, ultra-soft wool is not just sumptuous and sophisticated (although it is very much those things) but also uncommonly breathable and wearable.

This is one knit that shouldn’t be layered over a T-shirt. Luca Faloni’s polo is made from a blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk, a flattering and comfortable style that you can wear with a blazer or style on its own with chinos, jeans, or shorts.




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