6 Tips For Coloring Your Hair at Home Safely, According to a Pro

  • Most experts recommend going to a salon for your hair-color needs.
  • Still, if you want to dye your hair at home, there are a few tips to keep in mind.
  • We asked a pro to share the best DIY hair color tips and tricks.

“We’re about three weeks away from seeing everyone’s natural hair color,” read the meme that circulated on Instagram and Twitter at the beginning of the pandemic. When social distancing rules were first implemented, this level of lighthearted #relatablecontent was equal parts true and hilarious. At the time, many people stocked up on a few box dyes and root touch-up creams – even becoming bonafide “experts” at DIY hair color – but if you’re considering doing the same, not so fast. Most hairstylists would urge you to proceed with caution.

If you already have color-treated hair, their first recommendation is to maintain what you have as best you can. Special color-transfer shampoos, temporary sprays, and masks can all help you do that. But if you absolutely must opt for at-home hair dye, at least take a few suggestions from colorist Karissa Schaudt of Chicago’s Maxine Salon.

Ahead, she’s sharing six helpful tips that will ensure the health of your hair remains a top priority until you can book your next appointment.

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