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According to 2 Big SPF Snobs, No Sunscreen Compares to This One

Anyone who has shopped for sunscreen (that should be everyone) knows that the struggle is real. It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect formula because so much can go wrong: The texture is too thick, there’s a white or gray cast after application, the ingredients clog pores, it’s too oily (or too matte), or it doesn’t work well with makeup. We’ve seen (and tried) it all. But just when we’re beginning to lose hope, a new formula hits the market, and bam! Our hope is restored.

Such is the case with the new Josie Maran Get Even Sun Milk ($46). Honestly, it’s the sheerest of sheer mineral sunscreens out there. The formula is infused with an antioxidant-packed Kakadu super-fruit complex and argan oil, which make it super hydrating. Plus, it’s lightweight and provides really even coverage for all skin tones. What’s even cooler is that the formula uses a new micro-sperse dispersion technology that utilizes high pressure to create small particles that help the formula spread evenly like a veil—meaning there’s no pilling, flaking, or drying out.

We know what you’re thinking: It’s just another SPF with really good marketing language. But we’re here to prove you wrong (and remind you that SPF matters all year round, in rain, gloom, or shine). Keep scrolling to see our honest reviews of this new game-changing formula and learn why it’s quickly become our go-to.

“I’m a Florida native who has spent every day in the sun for what feels like forever, so you would probably assume that sunscreen was a big part of my skincare and beauty routines. This may come as a shock to some, but I only started wearing sunscreen recently, and I totally wish I’d started sooner. It simply wasn’t a product that was heavily emphasized in my household, but I definitely see the effects of not using it now that I experience hyperpigmentation and dark spots.”

“Finding a sunscreen that works on melanated skin is tricky. The goal is to avoid the ghostly white cast that traditional sunscreens create and to be able to walk freely without feeling like you dipped your face in baby oil. This sunscreen passed the vibe check. It appears white and then melts into your skin after application, adding a sheer natural glow without feeling greasy. I easily applied my makeup afterward, which means it was lightweight enough to handle all of my other beauty favorites layered on top of it.”

“I’ve lived in California my whole life, and I hate myself for not listening to my parents more when they told me to wear sunscreen, sun or no sun. As crazy as it sounds, as a teenager, getting a nice tan was more important to me than protecting my skin. I’m not proud of myself. Had I listened, my skin might not have as much sun damage as it does now.”

“For years, I struggled to find an SPF that worked well on my skin. Most formulas are too thick and heavy and cause my skin to act out. But Sun Milk is different. It might look like a cream, but it feels more like a serum. The lightweight formula melts into skin evenly and gives it a boost of hydration that’s unparalleled. Arguably my favorite part is that it feels like just another product in my skincare routine rather than a sunscreen. It adds a thin veil that’s the perfect canvas for makeup (like a primer). No streaks. No white casts. Just a solid formula that makes me want to reach for it every day.”

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