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All the Signs That Leopard-Print Shoes Are a Thing Again

Sometimes you don’t really realize something is kind of gone until you see or hear about it again, and that may be the case with leopard-print shoes. A few years ago, you couldn’t leave the house without seeing spotted shoes. They may have been in the form of heels, sneakers, ballet flats, or ankle boots, all of which are hard to miss. Then at some point post-2018, they went into hibernation. The thing about animal prints is that they always return. History has proven this over and over. And yes, the next leopard-print shoe era may be upon us.

So how did we come to this conclusion? Simply put, it started with Bella Hadid. While out in Milan for MFW this week, the always directional Hadid paired a polo top with leather pants and leopard-print ankle boots with thick rubber soles. That prompted us to investigate further, and we remembered that Megan Fox and her sister Gigi also have worn them recently. And we’ve also noticed that popular trendsetting brands have been churning out some new leopard shoes. Could this be the start of a major revival? We shall see, but all signs point to probably so.

Scroll to see the celebs that are wearing leopard-print shoes and shop the freshest pairs.

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