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And Just Like Magic, Ariana Grande Walks Us Through R.e.m. Beauty

When someone hears that a celebrity is launching a beauty brand, the usual response is something like, “Wait, there’s going to be another one?” But just because a brand is created by a celebrity doesn’t mean it won’t be impressive. Allow Ariana Grande to demonstrate.

Even if you’re not a fan of her expansive resumé, a few swatches of her new brand r.e.m. beauty might transform you into one. Grande, for the record, is aware of how saturated the market is, but one could say this opportunity fell into her lap just like magic. While on the overseas leg of the Sweetener World Tour, Grande met with Forma, a beauty brand incubator, to discuss the possibility of creating her own makeup line. Long story short, she went home, slept on it, and quite literally dreamt of what would eventually become r.e.m. beauty.

Yes, Grande made her career in music and acting, but dipping her toes into beauty isn’t a stretch. In fact, it goes hand in hand with the job she’s had for over a decade. Music and makeup may seem like polar opposites, but even Grande admitted that, when you break them down, they’re eerily similar. “They’re both totally different outlets of storytelling, but they kind of hold hands in a weird way,” she said. “The similarity is the attention to the construction, like when you’re writing a song, spending time with the pre-chorus to make sure the notes set up the hook in the proper way . . . and that everything is complementary of one another. It’s the same thing as putting together these formulas and making sure that each note is perfect.” And although she may never admit it, perfect r.e.m. beauty is.

Ahead, Grande sat down via Zoom with us and a group of editors to share everything you need to know about the first drop (Chapter One: Ultraviolet), why it’s both vintage and futuristic, and her favorite products.

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