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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF November


Go for your goals! While others slip into pre-holiday mode, you’re just gearing up. Until November 21, the Sun is in Scorpio, your tenth house of career, prestige and status—your most ambitious time of year. So lean in, Aquarius (and we don’t mean into the rum-spiked eggnog bowl). With go-getter Mars also in Scorpio all month, you could make major headway on a high-profile project—and score a promotion or year-end career coup in the process. Your hard work could also attract well-deserved recognition.


No movement yet? Make it happen! With four of the six retrograde planets that stalled your plans in September and October now spinning direct (forward), momentum is on your side. Two of those planets, Jupiter and Saturn, have been in Aquarius. If your personal goals hit a speed bump over the past few months, you could make up for lost time now and finish the year strong.


But get ready: Your personal and professional paths could be in for some interesting plot twists in the second half of the month. Eclipse season ( begins on November 19 with the first of 2021’s final two eclipses, this one starting off a new series on the Taurus/Scorpio axis that will reshape your approach to home, family, work and career between now and October 2023.


You can lighten up considerably after November 21, when Sagittarius season begins. With the Sun in your social and friendship-oriented eleventh house—the realm associated with Aquarius—you’re at your best, out among the people!

The Sun is in Scorpio until November 21

Countdown! The calendar might not be turning just yet, but you’ve got your eye on the ticker this month. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Scorpio and your ambitious, goal-driven tenth house until November 21, getting you all fired up to meet your 2021 milestones. You’ve got no time for drama and nonsense, Aquarius: You’re on a mission, and the only way to go is up!


This month it’s game ON when it comes to your goals and responsibilities. Unstoppable Mars is blazing through Scorpio and your tenth house of career until December 13, turning the rest of the year into an ambitious heat zone. Deadlines and demands will ramp up, so you’ll have to be vigilant about managing your schedule and keeping firm boundaries intact. An exciting project could put your name in lights or position you for a promotion or leadership role. But still: You’ll need to get clear on the time commitment and spell out every expectation before you say yes.

The November 4 Scorpio new moon ignites your ambitions and career

The November 4 Scorpio new moon is an ideal day to kick off an ambitious project or apply for a new job if you’re in the market. With a fresh six-month cycle starting in your career zone, today’s power moves could yield a big professional victory between now and the May 2022 Scorpio full moon. Got your sights set on a leadership role or an equally big next step? New moons can take up to six months to fully unfold, so map out a trajectory. Speak to a mentor or supervisor about what you need to do (acquire new skills, get advanced training or professional certification) to position yourself for that.


Watch out for a curveball from your personal life todayclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” because this new moon will sit exactly opposite Uranus (your ruler), which is in Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and emotions. Strong mood swings—yours or from someone close to you—can throw everything off, turning a calm conversation into a heated argument. With the new moon in your tenth house of fathers, and Uranus in your fourth house of mother figures, family could be a source of chaos. Trying to figure out holiday plans? Save that for another day!


Knowing this, go out of your way to avoid pushing people’s buttons, and don’t allow your own to be jabbed if you can help it. But since Uranian activity comes out of the blue, that could happen when your guard is down. Should you lose your temper or your cool, try to come back to center as fast as you can. You might experience a sudden change in your living situation or family structure, forcing you to factor this into whatever you’re plotting for your career.

Mars squares Saturn on November 10

Ambition or autonomy? You could find yourself torn between dueling desires to fulfill your duties and to fly free on November 10. Fiery Mars in Scorpio and your career zone squares off with tough Saturn in Aquarius, which can feel like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. You could wind up in a major power struggle—perhaps one that could be avoided—if you insist on challenging every authority figure who stands in your way or by refusing to do certain things by the book. Is compromise possible without selling out on your ideals or settling for less than you deserve? Today, that’s debatable. When in doubt, ride it out: Why swim upstream if you can float?

Mars-Uranus opposition on November 17

Explosion alert! The two most fiery and volatile planets are at loggerheads today across your work-life axis. Stressful Mars in your career sector is intensifying pressure on the job while unpredictable Uranus in your emotional fourth house shifts your moods by the minute. This combustible cocktail is a recipe for snapping. Stay as far away as possible from people who push your buttons. Some of them may be your closest relatives since these planets disrupt the chart sectors linked to parents and families of origin. Or they could be coworkers and friends who are relying too heavily on you for support. Do your best not to unload on them—but be direct about your capacity if you’re running out of steam.

Eclipse season begins with the Taurus full moon on November 19

Save the emotional tclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” alks until November 19, when the year’s only Taurus full moon, also a potent lunar eclipse, beams into your fourth house of home, family and heartfelt connections. You’ll be able to express your sensitive side. While you’re at it, let the office know you’re in “do not disturb” mode today—as much as you possibly can. Turn off your phone, even if it’s only for an hour. Mute the drama queens’ notifications and let everyone know they have to figure things out instead of pulling you in.


This is the first installment of a brand-new eclipse series that will ripple across the Taurus/Scorpio axis between now and October 2023, shifting your work-life balance. Over the next two years, expect major developments around home, family, career and leadership—and lots of surprise opportunities to pivot onto a new path. This particular eclipse will form a loose T-square (a three-way tug of war) between the Sun, the moon and expansive Jupiter in Aquarius. Have you outgrown certain facets of your life? If your job or your living situation is no longer a fit, the Taurus lunar eclipse could push you to make a change.

Sagittarius season starts November 21

Don’t forget to lean on your team! After working hard on your goals all month, collaborations could take flight. Sagittarius season begins on November 21 as the Sun enters the Archer’s court for a monthlong sashay through your eleventh house of group activity and friendship. It’s the perfect time to hit the holiday party circuit to network and catch up with your crew. Combine business and pleasure and maybe even host a casual gathering or official event to promote something special you’re working on. Naturally you’ll want to keep an eye on your goals, but DO unchain yourself from your desk now. You’ll accomplish more when you’re out in a social setting than you will locked away in your workspace.


Business and pleasure DO mix—at least until December 13. With lusty Mars in Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house, your career is heating up alongside your love life. You may be thinking very much about the future—as an Aquarius, when aren’t you?—and what you want yours to look like. With the holidays around the corner, you might be considering a long-term commitment or thinking about who will keep you warm this winter. 


For paired-up Water Bearers, this is a fruitful month to start making those shared 2022 resolutions. Why not get an early start? Book a few “power couple” reservations (pandemic precautions in mind) where you can dress up and celebrate in red-carpet style.


Meanwhile, with vixen Venus plunging into Capricorn and your quixotic twelfth house of fantasy, closure and surrender on November 5, it’ll be hard not to indulge in a sweet escape or two. This can be a deeply romantic time for some Aquarians, but for others, a time of healing and processing your emotions. 


Venus is in Capricorn for an extended stay that will last until March 6, 2022. The downside is that Venus will be retrograde (backward) from December 19 until January 29, a challenging six-week cycle that can test the closest bonds or bring back an ex. If you’ve put off mourning a loss or dealing with an old heartache, this Venus cycle will help you get through it—and start on a fresh note when the love planet enters YOUR sign in early March.


Step on the accelerator, Aquarius! With cosmic catalyzer Mars in Scorpio heating up your ambitious tenth house all month, you could make serious strides toward your goals. While work can be stressful and intense now, this opportunity for rapid career growth only comes around every two years. If you see a reward at the end of the tunnel, such as a promotion or a bonus or landing a great client, pare down your commitments so you can focus on reaching your milestone. The November 4 Scorpio new moon could bring a great opportunity to start a new job or to pitch a client. Thinking of launching a home-based business? The November 19 Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse revs up your mojo. Hello, cottage industry!


Love Days: 20, 25

Money Days: 4, 13

Luck Days: 30, 12

Off Days: 22, 27, 8


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