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Easy does it, Aries. With the Sun in Pisces and your twelfth house of rest, closure and emotional processing until March 20, you’ll need to pace yourself. ‘Tis the season for feeling, healing and contemplation as you wrap up another trip around the Sun. This is your annual period of personal reflection, a slate-clearing cycle that precedes your birthday season. 

While you’re unwinding, be prepared to have some major epiphanies about what you want next. With zero retrograde planets until late April (sweet relief!), the constraints of the past few months have finally lifted. That means your intuition—and manifesting superpowers—should be back to their usual speed. 

The love planets, Venus and Mars, have been marching through heavy Capricorn and your serious tenth house all year. On March 6, both will move into Aquarius and your friendly, social eleventh house, making life feel a LOT more fun. Although your ruler, Mars, will have a couple scuffles with volatile Uranus and Pluto this month, at least problems will be brought out into the open. By the time Aries season begins on March 20, you should already have a fresh perspective and a hopeful outlook. 

Pisces season brings a healing, creative end to winter

The Sun is making its monthlong visit to Pisces and your restful, healing twelfth house until March 20. Take a break from the social whirlwind and get your hibernation in before spring—and your birthday season—officially begins. This is a time for tying up loose ends rather than starting anything new. Your imagination and intuition will be revving high, and you’ll need plenty of downtime to be able to tune in. Keep your calendar flexible and don’t overbook yourself.

On March 2, the annual Pisces new moon opens a door to spiritual and artistic ventures. It’s a bit of a paradox to host a new moon of fresh starts in your twelfth house of closure. But endings can also be beginnings. As you loosen your grip on a situation and surrender the illusion of control, enchanting new options can appear. Let the universe co-pilot, Aries—you’ll be glad you did.

This year, Pisces season comes with a special twist. Lucky Jupiter is also in Pisces until May 10, a healing cycle that only happens every 12 years. On March 5, Jupiter will make an exact connection to the Sun, blessing you with the ability to see the big picture. This annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction, called “The Day of Miracles” is believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate days of the year. At the very least, it’s a day to take a risk and stretch out of the familiar. If luck is what you make it, then you’re poised to attract opportunities, especially with the Sun and Jupiter parked in the most mystical zone of your chart!

The March 3 Mars-Pluto conjunction sparks power struggles

You don’t always need to win, Aries, but on March 3, a power-tripping authority figure might take things one step too far for you to continue to ignore it. Today, two of the more aggressive planets, fiery Mars and manipulative Pluto, mash up in your tenth house of career, reputation and leadership. Whoever is playing these head games needs to be neutralized, so find a way to do that without stooping to their level. You might want to rally the support of like-minded folks, then approach this trickster as a unified front.

Are you looking to get promoted or to charge over a finish line with one of your goals? Your willpower and drive will be unparalleled. Just make sure you don’t get cutthroat about it under this ruthless cosmic combination. Be as strategic as fictional chess champion Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit, but know that playing dirty or cutting corners is a no-go. With diplomatic Venus also conjunct Mars and Pluto, you CAN actually crush that big milestone without, well, crushing anyone in the process.

The March 18 Virgo full moon jump-starts your fitness and spring cleanup plans

Back on the wellness wagon, Aries! On March 18, the Virgo full moon illuminates your busy, healthy and task-driven sixth house. Have you been accumulating a few too many Prime purchases during the pandemic? This once-a-year moment could inspire an epic cleanup that would clutter-shame Marie Kondo herself. 

But it’s not just your closets and cupboards begging for a make-under. How about a revamp of your eating habits and exercise? No judgment here, but with spring (and Aries season) a couple days away, this full moon can kickstart your spring-training plans by helping you cut back on refined flours and sugars or begin adding regular cardio into your routine again.

If “but I’m so busy” has been the reigning reason that your Peloton is now a glorified clothes hanger, then it’s time to outsource! Luckily, the sixth house rules employees and helpful people. Work those natural delegation skills and upgrade Team Aries with a few skilled specialists and capable cohorts. Some savvy schedule tweaks will also reclaim the white space your calendar’s been missing. Fill those open slots up with self-care first. You’ve got to put fuel in your own tank before you can drive the bus for everyone else.

Aries season begins March 20 at the spring equinox

And…you’re back! When the Sun marches into Aries on March 20, the cosmic spotlight is once again on YOU, just the way you like it. Now that’s a spring equinox rebalancing we can get behind, Ram. Shake off the sleepy vibes of Pisces season, which were amplified by Jupiter’s presence, and let your passion lead the way. Dive into a plan for an entrepreneurial venture or a solo creative project. If you’ve been hiding your light under a proverbial bushel, take the lead and start sharing what you’re up to. Remember, Ram: When you shine, you give others permission to do the same.

The March 22 Mars-Uranus square brings out your rebellious side

Talk about a spring awakening—and not necessarily a gentle one. On March class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” 22, the skies deliver a jarring square (https://www.astrostyle.com/aspects/square) between brash Mars (your ruler) and volatile Uranus. You could find yourself torn between dueling demands for freedom and security—or between a group’s needs and your own personal (and financial) requirements. Playing well with others is never instantly easy for Aries because you’re the zodiac’s solo star. Today, that could cause a lot of friction.

Allow us to set the scene here, Aries: Mars is in Aquarius and your social, collaborative eleventh house while Uranus is in Taurus and your daily-income zone. Mars wants everything to be democratic even as Uranus is eyeing deadlines and budgets, pouring cold water on the group’s sparkly-eyed dreams. Should you keep championing the unrealistic (and reckless) direction a project is taking? Or do you volunteer to be the unwelcome voice of reason and slam the brakes while everyone’s pressing the gas pedal?

If you’re working remotely, things could get tense with the team. You may also feel caged in or claustrophobic, tempted to self-soothe by spending a bunch of money online or picking a fight. Catch yourself in the act of those coping mechanisms and channel your energy into something more productive. Update your online presence; get out for some fresh air. If you’re frustrated by the lack of novelty in your social life from the combination of winter and pandemic restrictions (we don’t blame you!), find a way to move that anger through your body rather than letting it fester. A good workout, even a group fitness class, can help you feel balanced enough to cope with today’s frustrating outlook.

March holds out the promise of many things, but “boredom” won’t be among them! On March 6, amorous Venus wraps up an extended tour of Capricorn (since November 5) and relocates to Aquarius until April 5. That same day, passionate Mars also moves into Aquarius, where it will hang out through April 14. 

As Venus and Mars exit your serious, future-focused tenth house and take up residence in your eleventh house of groups, friends and emotional detachment, this should lend some lightness to your life. In your communal eleventh house, the love planets can (re)activate your social life, possibly casting one platonic pal in a whole new, dreamy light.

With lusty Mars and romantic Venus in this liberated and experimental zone, friends can become (part-time) lovers, and online connections could sizzle. This connection is especially strong on March 6, when Venus and Mars make an exact meetup. And don’t be surprised if things turn official at the Venus-Saturn connection on March 28, a day when you can commit without worrying that you’ll “lose” yourself.

If you’re both unattached and feel like you can maneuver this without blowing up a friendship, then it’s worth a (smart, safe) risk. Couples should do more outdoorsy and cultural activities together—to your comfort level, of course. There are plenty of ways to show your activist spirit without physically protesting if you’re not up for a crowd. Some attached Aries may have had a little too MUCH togetherness and wish to step back, possibly entertaining a temporary separation to get a more objective view of your feelings. Either way, autonomy will bring sexy back, so book some free time. Shake off the cabin fever in time for spring fever!

Batteries running low? Delegate instead of DIY-ing! With your ruler, motivator Mars, in Aquarius and your teamwork zone from March 6 to April 14, sharing the load will get things past the finish line. Collaborations will also invite new perspectives and solutions into the mix. Allow yourself to be surprised here. While your ingenious brain thinks up savvy solutions in a snap, give someone else a chance to introduce a whole different POV. Need to hire, fire or upgrade your systems? The March 18 Virgo full moon in your organized sixth house inspires you to whip Team Aries into fighting shape.

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Love Days: 14, 18

Money Days: 7, 25

Luck Days: 4, 23

Off Days: 17, 21, 2

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