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Babylights Are the Perfect Way to Freshen Up Your Hair Color This Season

  • Babylights are different from highlights and lowlights.
  • The hair color involves using foils to add small sections of lightness to your overall hair color.
  • Babylights work on all hair types and colors.

Skin care may be a hard industry to keep track of with all of the different ingredients and products to learn, but the world of hair care isn’t much better. It’s always good to be prepared and know your stuff before you head to the hair salon, but remembering what highlights are versus lowlights can be tricky. And then, to make it even more complicated, there are babylights.

What Are Babylights?

“Babylights” are another type of hair color that involve weaving small sections of color into the hair to brighten up your overall base tone. “Because they are so small and delicate, they are really seamless and grow out really beautifully,” Rachel Bodt, a celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador, told POPSUGAR.

Who Should Get Babylights?

Similar to highlights and lowlights, babylights are applied using foils to “maintain that softness and can be isolated,” said Bodt. The hair color style works on all hair types – curly, wavy, straight, kinky – and colors, meaning it is perfect for those with light and dark hair looking to lighten up their overall color and add dimension to their look. “It’s just knowing what color to use and how to add in a root shadow or end lights to make it more custom,” she said.

The Benefits of Babylights

Babylights are great for freshening up your look and making your old hair color feel new. “They are so delicate; they really grow out well,” said Bodt. “It’s super versatile though, and such a great place to start if you are wanting to add lightness to your hair.” If subtileness is your vibe, you’ll enjoy that this hair color doesn’t have any harsh lines.

Ahead, find inspiration for the babylights hair color.

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