Confession: I'm a DD Cup Who Hates Wearing Bras, But These 16 Changed My Mind

I know I’ve made one confession here already, but I’ve got another one, and I’m just going to come right out and say it: My bra size isn’t actually a DD cup. To be fair, when I wrote this headline, I was under the impression that it was. I mean, it’s the size I’ve been buying for the past five years, so I felt pretty confident in my decision to include it in the title of this story. But I recently had a virtual bra fitting for the first time in a decade (I can’t believe it, either) and discovered that I was about three sizes off. I’m someone who grimaces at the thought of putting on a bra and breathes a sigh of relief when an outfit doesn’t require one, so when I found out my sizing was off, I was hardly surprised.

Thankfully, a Wacoal Fit Expert was able to walk me through the fitting process via Zoom, and all I needed was a tape measure and a little guidance. After a brief questionnaire, the expert showed me a variety of bras that she felt matched my needs and preferences. She was spot-on, might I add, and now I have five new bras that I’m actually excited to keep wearing. (The back-smoothing style is my absolute favorite.) With cup sizes from A to I, Wacoal is the perfect place to find bras that not only fit properly but make you feel confident, too. I took the liberty of browsing the site for some of the best styles to share with you. Are you ready to refresh your wardrobe? Just keep scrolling.

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