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"Deconstructed" French Manicures Are Trending

French manicures have come a long way in recent years. The nail-art look used to strictly fall under neutral territory, featuring a singular white tip at the end of the nail. These days, the term encompasses countless styles and types of french manis. Side-tip, double, inverted, filigree – the list goes on and on, and now, you can add “deconstructed” to it.

“Deconstructed” french manicures, coined by celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce, are an abstract take on the nail-art look. They feature the same neutral base that you’re used to with your traditional french mani, but instead of a smooth strokes of color lining the edge of the nails, they have blobs of color in their place.

The real beauty of this trend is how customizable it is. You can pick the colors you use to make your deconstructed blobs at the tips of your nails based on the latest nail-polish trends or mix and match on each finger. Whether you go to the nail salon and get some help from a professional or attempt to DIY the look, there’s no doubt you’ll be in love with the result.

Boyce’s roster of celebrity clientele features stars like Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, Khloé Kardashian, Olivia Rodrigo, and more, so you can trust her nail-art trend predictions will certainly hit your feeds. If you want to get ahead of the curve, keep scrolling for more inspiration for the deconstructed french manicure.

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