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"Designer" French Tips Are a Bold Twist on the Classic

  • “Designer” french tips are a fun new take on the classic french manicure.
  • This nail-art look can incorporate elements like gems, shapes, or colors.
  • A professional manicurist explains the latest trend.

There’s a reason some people prefer designer products, assuming their bank accounts allow it. The investment feels luxurious, it can elevate your look, and sometimes, you can even get it custom-made to suit your style. The latter definitely applies to the latest nail-art trend, which has been fittingly named the “designer” french manicure.

Not to be confused with designer logo nail art, “Designer french tips are a french manicure with color or nail art focused mainly on the tips of your nails,” celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo tells POPSUGAR. “The nail art used is typically super bold, playful, and colorful. It’s also sometimes mismatched.”

The designer french tip continues to make its rounds and trends every few years. “Designer french tips trend often because of the nail art’s versatility,” Inzerillo says. “Adding color or a design to the tips of your nails is not only fun and easy to do at home or in the salon, it’s also great for all nail lengths.”

If you’re looking to get the style done in a nail salon, Inzerillo has a tip. “Ask for your preferred french-manicure style, with color or nail art focused mainly on the tips of your nails,” she says. If you’re more adventurous, plan out the different types of nail art you want added on each finger ahead of time so you can get a feel for the final manicure.

If you need some designer french tip inspiration, we rounded up a few manicures to help you brainstorm.

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