Florence Pugh "Did a Thing" and Got a Super-Short Pixie-Mullet Haircut

  • Florence Pugh recently chopped off her hair and debuted a new look on Instagram.
  • Pugh’s pixie-mullet haircut is shoulder-length in the back and short in the front.
  • Pugh looks unrecognizable with her brown hair color and new haircut.

Florence Pugh “did a thing,” and by that, she means she chopped off all her hair. On Oct. 30, Pugh posted a photo on Instagram of her brand-new super-short haircut that looks like a cross between a mullet and a pixie cut. The Black Widow actor is no amateur when it comes to drastic hair changes – she recently dyed her signature blond hair a dark-brown shade – but this haircut is certainly her biggest transformation yet.

Pugh’s pixie-mullet haircut is longer in the back with shorter, wispy pieces in the front, though the entire style doesn’t extend past her shoulders. She didn’t tag the hairstylist responsible for the switch-up, but she did include “#chopchopchop ✂️” in the caption, which put to rest any of our suspicions that the pixie-mullet haircut was all part of a Halloween costume.

Get a closer look at Pugh’s new haircut ahead.

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