From Bandage Dresses to Balenciaga, Every Era That's Defined Kardashian Style

Regardless of what you may think of the Kardashian family, there’s no denying their impact on pop-culture, beauty, and style. I may have every season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians permanently seared into my brain, but even if you don’t, you’ve probably come across your fair share of scenes across social media. From “Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail” to “My diamond earring came off in the ocean and it’s gone”, there’s no shortage of memorable TV quotes from the family. While they ended their series on E! in 2020, they couldn’t stay away from the cameras for too long, as their new series The Kardashians airs today on Hulu. 

Although their show came out in 2007, their rise to stardom and fashion royalty was a bit of a slow burn. In the earlier seasons of the show, the girls always donned body-con dresses, wedge heels, and sequins. Their signature hairstyles consisted of a voluminous pouf, and their outfits always reflected their now-closed store, DASH. Now, each family member not only has a signature aesthetic, but a beauty and styling team backing their every move. As the family grew more and more famous, their wardrobes and careers saw improvement until they eventually landed the spots in the industry they have today. Kim is an industry leader with SkimsKendall Jenner has become a top fashion model; Kourtney Kardashian is running her lifestyle site, Poosh; Kylie Jenner has become a makeup mogul; and Khloe Kardashian co-owns her denim line, Good American. Whether you watch the show or not, it seems like we’re all keeping up with the Kardashians in some shape or form.

Below, you can a take trip down memory lane and see each trend they donned, the stylish duos of the family that made headlines, and designers they collaborated with along the years. They’ve come a long way since 2007, now landing front row seats at fashion weeks and attending events like The Met Gala and Oscars. I would tell them the same thing Kris Jenner would say, “You’re doing great, sweetie!” See their full style evolution ahead.

When you watch the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there’s no shortage of animal print, especially leopard and cheetah. It was a signature part of their Kardashian Kollection, a line the sisters created with Sears.

Bandage dresses were an iconic moment in fashion history, and the Kardashian family was obsessed with the style. They were known to always wear body-hugging dresses and this trend was no different.

Believe it or not, even the Kardashians went through a bit of a preppy phase. Circle skirts were almost always paired with chiffon button-downs, a top-bun, and sky-high heels. 

While Kendall and Kylie Jenner were originally Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney’s cute little sisters, it was around 2014 where they quickly started to grow into their own. Kendall was landing more and more modeling gigs, and Kylie was her in her “King Kylie” era, where her Instagram and Tumblr was influencing almost every teenage girl at the time. 

When Kim started dating Kanye West, her style took a major turn. You may even remember the episode from season seven where he comes over with his stylist and gives Kim’s closet a makeover, getting rid of her bandage dresses and platform heels for good. The duo quickly made fashion headlines with each appearance, always looking put-together in coordinating neutral ensembles. 

While Kim’s style changed, the rest of the family followed in suit. Gone were the days of flashy prints and glitter, and in came a muted beige color palette. 

Remember when at least one Kardashian member was almost always wearing Balmain to any event? They were either partying with Olivier Rousting or wearing his intricate beaded pieces on the red carpet.

I love a good cozy coat, but the Kardashian take their fur outerwear very seriously. It’s almost always floor-length and completely over-the-top. What can I say? They’re a family that wants to make a statement.

When Kanye West started his brand Yeezy, the Kardashian family were first to give their full support. They not only attended every show, but continued to represent the brand on a daily basis. The brand combined minimalism with athleisure, and you wouldn’t catch Kim Kardashian out in sweatpants till Kanye West cosigned it. 

In season 12 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim complains to Khloe that Kris is stealing her chokers, which was a part of her look then. I don’t blame Kris, as I’d also be quick to steal from my daughter if she championed trends the way Kim does.

If you haven’t seen the videos of Kim and Kourtney getting into their latex outfits, I suggest you go and do so for a quick laugh. Kim made headlines when she wore a full Mugler latex number at the 2019 Met Gala, and continues to sport the trend as she wore yet another latex dress at the most recent premiere of The Kardashians.

I think it’s safe to say that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were not a couple that many people guessed would happen. (Neither are Kim and Pete Davidson but that’s what I love about this family—they always surprise you.) Kourtney’s style has always changed, but her new relationship sparkled an edgier side to her. The couple is almost always spotted in an all black punk-inspired outfit. 

Whether it’s Balmain, Yeezy, or Mugler, this family likes to dedicate themselves to a designer. Most recently, it’s Balenciaga. Kim has not only been the face of the brands campaigns, but Kendall Jenner also wore a custom Balenciaga gown to the Oscars after party so it seems to be a family affair. 

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