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Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Make your power moves, Gemini. The Sun is sailing through the top of your chart and blazing a fiery trail through Pisces until March 20, heating up your tenth house of career and prestige. No sense in hibernating now, especially with Jupiter in this zone until May 10—and making an exact alignment with the Sun on March 5. With NO planets retrograde until late April, there’s nothing stopping you now!

Get ready to lighten the mood all around, Gemini. The intensity that’s had you brooding since last November lifts on March 6, when love planets Venus and Mars end their long residences in Capricorn. This duo departs your internal, intimate eighth house and moves into Aquarius, making an exact meetup as they arrive. Not only is Aquarius a fellow air sign (much more your vibe), but it also rules your expansive and broad-minded ninth house. Get ready for a month of adventures, growth and opportunities to travel, teach and learn. That’s more like it!

When Aries season arrives at the March 20 spring equinox, your social life picks up even more. With the Sun warming your group activity zone, you’re ready to reconnect with friends and collaborators. Get ready for some springtime dynamic duos, Gemini style!

Pisces season puts your goals front and center

You’ve got a lesser-known Type A side, Gemini—but this month, it could make a vibrant showing thanks to the Sun visiting Pisces and your tenth house of leadership and command until March 20. Ambitious quests take flight from the get-go, thanks to a March 2 Pisces new moon. Can you turn your grand goals into a tangible reality or give your current success more staying power? One of those big ideas that’s been brewing could become your main focus. 

Tune out distractions and chip away at your dream a bit each day. In these three remaining weeks of Pisces season, you could make major headway! Chart a roadmap from the March 2 new moon to the September 10 Pisces full moon. Where would you like to be with your priorities by then? 

The tenth house rules mentors. Is there a well-connected, influential person who can open a door for you? Reach out to them on March 5, when the Sun and abundant Jupiter make their once-a-year meetup. Nicknamed the Day of Miracles, this annual alignment is believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate dates of the year. 

Whatever the case, bountiful Jupiter rewards you for taking a risk and swinging out of your comfort zone. Paired with the mighty Sun, your confidence and can-do attitude could bring a stunning career victory or an opportunity you never even imagined before.

Since the tenth house rules men, a guy in your life could play a pivotal role. Your dad or a father figure could be a strong supportive force. Even if you’re afraid you’ll be judged or lectured, reach out near the new moon and the Day of Miracles. Chances are good you’ll end up with sage advice or a strengthened connection.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction makes you a total dynamo this March 3

You’re on FIRE this March 3, Gemini, under a potent conjunction of passionate Mars and irresistible Pluto—in Capricorn and your intense and erotic eighth house! These two game-changers only connect once every two years, and when they do, it can be equal parts transformational and combustible. Even hotter? Love-magnet (and wealth-magnet) Venus is also involved in this tryst today. Whatever you’re hoping to attract—sex, money, power—could be yours to manifest.

Gemini, this planetary powder key is seductive but DOES need to come with a warning label to use your powers consciously—and conscientiously. It won’t be hard to attract admirers, investors and superfans. But doing a version of love-bombing is bad form (not to mention bad karma), so be careful you don’t lead people on if your intentions are only to explore. Follow your emotional GPS, and you could be guided to someone VERY special. A potent business alliance could also heat up. Tap into Pluto’s secretive side and keep a little of your eagerness under wraps instead of showing your whole hand.

The March 18 Virgo full moon spotlights home and family

Remember your roots! The stars send a midmonth memo this March 18 as the Virgo full moon illuminates your fourth house of home and family, putting your focus back on your foundations—emotional and personal. Who are the people who show up for you no matter what? Whether it’s by blood or bond, those supportive and unconditionally loving folks deserve your undivided attention. This once-a-year full moon reminds you to touch down at base camp and nurture your connections. 

Women, mothers and other female relatives are governed by the fourth house, and one of these relationships could be in the spotlight today or over the next two weeks. If there’s been tension, clear the air, but be sure to set ground rules where everyone listens respectfully and gets an equal chance to talk.

Looking for a new address or a fresh decor scheme? The full moon could play real estate agent (or interior designer), helping you create the home of your Pinterest-worthy dreams. Not loving your furniture right now? Donate or sell what you’ve outgrown and use the profits to replace it with a vibe that fits the person you’ve become. If that’s not in your current budget, a new layout and configuration can make the old feel new again. A few crafty DIY videos could help you work up the nerve to reupholster a chair or paint a wooden cabinet a vibrant new hue. 

Aries season begins March 20 at the spring equinox

Your social spark returns with a vengeance on March 20, when the Sun moves into Aries and your eleventh house of networking, making the spring equinox a “more the merrier” affair. Celebrate this moment of seasonal balance by bringing more equanimity back into your own life after a driven, work-centric month. 

It’s people who really make your life feel rich, Gemini, so connect with your soul squad again—and add some new members to the roster! Offers to collaborate could arise over the next four weeks, possibly on a social cause or an avant-garde project. If you’ve got a trailblazing idea that will take a village to pull off, link up with some kindred spirits whose skills complement yours. A group victory will be so much more satisfying, and the process of getting there will be a lot more fun. 

Think before you leap at the March 22 Mars-Uranus square

Spring doesn’t get off without a hitch, alas. class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” On March 22, the skies serve up a tense square between hotheaded Mars, which is in Aquarius and your restless ninth house, and disruptive Uranus in your twelfth house of denial and delusion. Determining what’s real and what’s fake could totally overwhelm you today—and the stress of being unable to make a clear decision could push you to the brink of frustration.

Gemini, you’re a gifted storyteller, but the downside of that talent is that you can spin a tall tale so convincingly that even YOU start to believe it. You may also be tempted to minimize the possible dangers of a certain situation, revealing more than you intended or putting yourself in a risky situation. If you’re obsessively trying to figure out your next moves, allow some divine intervention—signs, serendipities, symbols—to guide your process. A little “woo” could actually make a big difference. Journal, collage a vision board, meditate…you never know what breakthroughs could actually come to you that way.

Cancel alert! Under this volatile cosmic clash, your outspoken commentary could come across as tone-deaf. No matter how fired up and righteously indignant you feel today, don’t hit “post” or “publish” before considering how your opinions could be interpreted. It’s better to say nothing at all (and sleep on it) than let one crass comment take down your credibility.

How about one last romp for good measure? On March 6, Venus wraps up an extra-long visit to Capricorn and your erotic eighth house, where it’s been since November 5. For some Geminis, the end of 2021 into 2022 was a sizzling and intimate time—even if the pandemic limited you to spicy chats and titillating video messages (we won’t tell). 

But it wasn’t ALL thrills. Venus’ sojourn was extended due to a challenging retrograde from December 19 to January 29, which may have brought back an ex or triggered some old resentments and trust issues. If you worked those out, your bond could be back on track, possibly stronger than ever.

Sultry Mars has also been in Capricorn since January 24, and on March 6, it will join Venus in Aquarius and your expansive, freedom-loving ninth house, adding extra spice to your adventures. Venus will be in Aquarius until April 5 and Mars through April 14, promising a bout of spring fever that will be anything but boring! As spicy and passionate Mars amplifies the desire to spread your wings and fly free, it could also encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone. This might mean being more open to different types, possibly a long-distance love or an attraction to someone from a very different background. Couples who DON’T feel the need to run off-leash will enjoy finding safe ways to travel together or, at the very least, mixing up your usual way of doing things. 

But warning to jealous or possessive partners: Geminis are making a jailbreak! After months in the eighth house cocoon, a more worldly and curious energy sweeps in, putting the “lust” in wanderlust. You may crave a little more solo time to do your own thing. Or maybe you can actually pull off a romantic getaway with your favorite plus-one. The March 28 Venus-Saturn meetup could be the ideal moment to do that—and if a proposal’s in sight, even better!

It’s career high season for you, Gemini, with the Sun in Pisces and your professional tenth house until March 20. Even better? The March 2 Pisces new moon will open a six-month window to blast straight toward your ambitions. And when the Sun and Jupiter connect in Pisces on March 5, opportunity could land in your lap miraculously. Stay ready in those first few days of the month!

Have you been stressed out over money this year, dealing with a demanding project or a whopping expense? Get ready for relieving change starting March 6, when intensifier Mars leaves Capricorn and your wealth sector and heads into Aquarius, heating up your visionary ninth house until April 14. It’s a red-hot moment to start an entrepreneurial venture, fire up a media platform or even to go back to school (as student, teacher or both!).

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