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Gen Zers Everywhere are Obsessed With These 11 Fashion and Beauty Brands

As a Gen Zer with teenage brothers and cousins and an older sister in her ’30s, I feel like I’ve got a front row view to the inner happenings of both generations. With one family hangout, I can figure out where my sister is shopping and how it compared to where my brother and cousins are making their purchases. As a Gen Z girl myself, I obviously pay attention to the younger generation more, and it seems like both the fashion and beauty industry are shifting their eyes away from the millennial-only viewpoint to what the new generation wants in a product. This could mean entirely new brands coming to fruition, old brands revamping or creating entirely different lines in their company to meet the Gen-Z standard.

Many brands have tried to target Generation Z, and only some have succeeded. In just a simple scroll through TikTok, it’s clear to see which brands have done the job. Aside from affordable fast-fashion brands like H&M or Zara, there are very specific brands that are worth the purchase to the younger generation. Keep scrolling to see what they are. 

Gen Z grew up watching Selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place, and now they use her makeup line religiously. I don’t think I’ve met someone, Gen Z or not that hasn’t tried (and loved) the brand’s liquid blush.

Coach was widely loved in the ‘2000s, but with rebranding and older designs coming back, the brand is top on the lis of Gen Z’s favorites in the accessory department. The Tabby bag has to be Gen Z’s favorite, and the brand’s runway shows are attended by young celebrity favorites like Angus Cloud.

No, it’s not 2010 again. My millennial sister was shocked when my teenage brother let her know his entire outfit was Abercrombie, but the brand’s latest drops have just been that good. From quality basics to upscale trendy pieces, Abercrombie has made a full-fledged come back. 

Marc Jacobs successfully captured Gen Z’s heart with their Heaven line that’s worn by style starlets like Devon Lee Carlson. The main line is also loved, especially the iconic tote bag.

Glossier was considered one of the OG millennial beauty brands, it’s signature color even being Millennial Pink, but it didn’t stop there. The popular beauty brand even has Olivia Rodrigo has the latest brand ambassador, and Timothee Chalamet single handedly convinced every teenage girl that they need the Glossier hoodie.

Converse is a sneaker brand that will stand the test of time, generation after generation. I love seeing girls on my social media feed champion the brand’s newer and more unique styles that feature bright colorways and high platforms.

Can you tell we love a good sneaker? While New Balance was considered the “dad shoe”, it’s become the brand that is almost always sold out. My brothers own multiple pairs and claim the brand makes shoes that are not only stylish but extremely comfortable.

When I saw users start posting about their love for Vivienne Westwood in 2020, I was shocked that the longstanding brand was connecting with Generation Z. It now makes sense, as the pop-punk style was back on the rise and the brand championed that aesthetic for a long time.

Generation Z cares a lot more about their beauty products than others did at their age, and I think it’s because of how much information is available online. With access to experts at the click of a button, the skincare community is reaching a demographic that might have previously not put much thought into their routine. Thus, brands like Topicals were born and thrust into popularity. 

e.l.f was my go-to when I first started wearing makeup, and I still end up shopping the affordable products whenever I’m at a drugstore. Considering how many e.l.f products hit viral status on TikTok, the product payoff is exceptional.

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