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Here’s What ELLE Editors Really Think of Anastasia Beverly Hills’s First Concealer

When you think “Anastasia Beverly Hills”, you’re usually reminded of the brand’s cult-favorite eyebrow products. Now, it’s time to think again.

Magic Touch Concealer

Anastasia Beverly Hills


Available this week, ABH is expanding its beauty roster with a new line of concealers. Made with hydrating skincare ingredients like licorice, amino acids, and plant-based glycerin, The Magic Touch concealer promises to instantly brighten your complexion and boasts 25 different shades. What else? The formula is entirely vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Still not convinced? The beauty team got our hands on ABH’s latest and greatest to try firsthand. Does the formula crease? What shape is the applicator? How does it fare in hot and humid weather?

Ahead, our editors answer all your burning questions about Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new Magic Touch concealer. Plus, you can see what it really looks like on us.

Tatjana Freund, Beauty Commerce Writer

Shade: 4

tatjana freund

tatjana freund

“I use concealer as foundation 90% of the time, so I’m very picky about what I’m into. This concealer was super pigmented, easy to blend, and looked great both on camera and in real life. The true test for me is whether or not it ends up sitting in any of the lines in my face. I’m happy to say that even after a long walk through humidity, this concealer stayed exactly where I placed it.”

Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor

Shade: 17

nerisha penrose

Nerisha Penrose

“Another concealer launch? I know, I know—we’re all tired. After all, how many more concealers does a girl need? I thought I was over it until ABH’s newest addition fell onto my lap. For one, the applicator fits so perfectly between the bridge of my nose and inner eye corner, so under-eye highlight can be precise as ever. Plus, it blends like a dream and doesn’t separate, which is a BIG win in my book.”

Chloe Hall, Beauty Director

Shade: 16

chloe hall

chloe hall

“Like Tatjana, I love to use concealer all over my face over a foundation. It’s a tough job for a small product, but ABH’s new concealer gets it done. I ask a lot of my concealer too, it has to cover my discoloration spots but not hide my freckles, and it can’t by any means crease in my under eyes. I covered up a few spots and was still able to have my skin look like skin.”

Ariana Yaptangco, Social Media and Beauty Editor

Shade: 13

ariana yaptangco elle

ariana yaptangco

“I had pretty bad acne in high school, and although I’ve gotten things relatively under control these past few years, I’m left with quite a few dark spots and scarring. I used to pile on the concealer and foundation, but recently, I’ve decided to let my real skin show through (scarring be damned!) and only wear concealer. Of course, I need some coverage, but my days wearing heavy, suffocating makeup are well behind me. This concealer gives the right amount of coverage without feeling heavy. It blends seamlessly but covers up my spots just enough, so I can feel happy and confident.”

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