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Hit Refresh—7 Trends I'm Prioritizing and 7 I'm Passing on This Spring

While I spend the majority of my day writing about fashion on the internet, I realized that I spend very little time in my own closet. I usually rush to get dressed in the morning or find myself staring at the void of clothes I own, giving up and wearing the same easy outfit I always wear. I knew what exactly the issue was—I needed to spend quality time with my clothes and figure out what I should prioritize and what I should pass on to make my wardrobe more wearable. It’s not to say I won’t wear the trends I’m passing on ever again. I’ll just be giving up the few pieces that get zero wear in my closet and stop myself from buying more. (I have a bad habit of buying multiples of things that pique my interest.)

I’m a procrastinator at heart, but I finally put in the effort and time and gave myself the spring refresh my wardrobe needed. It’s only been two weeks, and I’ve already been putting together a variety of forward outfits with ease. I added a few new pieces from the list below, and they got wear right away instead of collecting dust in my closet. Not only that, but they made it easier to style things I already own and found difficult to wear. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share my process, so I rounded up seven trends that I’ve been prioritizing adding to my closet and seven I think I’ve had my fair share of already.

Prioritizing: Luxe-Looking Accessories
Passing: Clickbait Accessories

Clickbait accessories are fun for the ‘gram, but do they really get enough wear? I have a few statement accessories that I still love wearing to add a pop to a simple outfit, but I definitely need to invest more in accessories that are suitable for everyday.

Prioritizing: Oversize Bags
Passing: Party Bags

I have three party bags in my closet, and I think that’s all I need. I’m always mesmerized by the glitter and pearl handbags while I shop, but I’m going to resist the urge to purchase. Instead, I’ve been finding more use in large carryalls. (Plus, they go with more outfits.)

Prioritizing: Collared Knits
Passing: Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigans are very strong in appeal, but they never held up in my wardrobe. The cropped silhouette makes it tricky to style, especially as a modest dresser. Instead, I finally added a collared knit to my closet, and that one sweater has been getting more wear than the handful of cropped cardigans I own.

Prioritizing: Retro Sneakers
Passing: Platform Heels

I loved seeing the sky-high platform heels on the runways, but I think I’m going to have to pass on the style for my own wardrobe. This clog version from Zara is as close as I’m going to get. For the most part, I’ll be relying on my vintage-style sneakers. I recently added a pair of New Balances to my arsenal, and they feel as good as they look.

Prioritizing: Relaxed Trousers
Passing: Statement Pants

I’ll admit it I let my obsession with statement pieces go a little overboard. While I think statement pants are still a great addition to any wardrobe, I don’t think anyone needs as many pairs as I have. Instead, relaxed trousers are the pant style that’ll help you put together a number of chic outfits easily.

Prioritizing: Ribbed Pants
Passing: Ribbed Dresses

I love ribbed dresses—I just don’t think they’re as versatile as ribbed pants. Ribbed pants aren’t just loungewear. I’ve been wearing my Simon Miller pair on a weekly basis (dressed up and down).

Prioritizing: Saturated Staples
Passing: Vacation Prints

Seventies prints are very trendy right now, but if I want to add a fun pop to my outfit, I’d much prefer investing in saturated basics. Think colorful sweaters, trousers, and button-ups. Not only do they add an element of interest to your look, but they still look sophisticated and can be styled in multiple ways.

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