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H&M's Epic Winter Sale Includes These 22 Useful Items I'm Losing It Over

When H&M’s already very low prices become even lower, it’s a good reason to run and get your credit card. It’s also a good reason for me to write this story. But in case the 1.7k winter items in H&M’s sale are too overwhelming to navigate two days before Christmas (very understandable), I’m here for you. H&M just increased its sale markdowns to up to 60% off, and there are many chic, useful things to choose from that have yet to sell out.

When I say useful, I’m referring to those versatile items that’ll get repeat wear this winter (and beyond, in some cases). Most of the useful items I’ve included below are well under $50, so now’s your chance to stock up while sizes are still in stock. Scroll to shop my H&M sale picks (and then you can go back to baking cookies and wrapping presents and whatnot).

So chic (especially for $55).

Gotta love a subtle chain detail.

A dreamy color for a dreamy skirt.

Everyone needs a cream cardigan, in my opinion.

Guaranteed to make every winter outfit cooler.

Zoom in to see the pretty jeweled buttons.

H&M does pull-on pants so well.

I kind of want them in red too.

This soft yellow color is becoming very popular.

$17 jeans this cool aren’t easy to come by.

NYE vibes.

I can imagine these are incredibly soft.

This could pass as designer.


You’ll wear these so often, you might want to buy two pairs.

An under-$30 jacket for those cold days to come.

Proof that H&M has very cute pajamas.

Just looking at this makes me feel cozy.

Get a piece of H&M’s coveted collab with Brock Collection (on sale!)

I love how this is styled with the loafers and ankle socks.

You can never have too many.

The reviews are excellent for these expensive-looking sunglasses.

Next up, 6 winter trends you can get from Zara, Nordstrom, and H&M.

Opening image: H&M

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