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How to Do the "Banana Eyeliner" Trend in 3 Steps

Blame it on “Euphoria,” face masks, or the universal need to add some color into our pandemic lives, but graphic eyeliner has been having a moment. While we’ve seen many different versions of this creative makeup lookfairy wing, reverse, floating – there’s one that Hollywood, and therefore we, can’t get enough of: the “banana eyeliner” trend.

Banana eyeliner is categorized by its rounded c-shape that sits just above the crease of the eye. The look dates back to the 1960s when Twiggy famously wore it, but Lucy Boynton, Shay Mitchell, and Lori Harvey all wore their own version of the look more recently.

We love the makeup trend for its simplicity and how wearable it is for every day. While we can’t say we’ll be sketching intricate fairy-wing shapes onto our eyelids every morning, we can see ourselves quickly freehanding this singular line for a little extra drama when we have five extra minutes to allot to our routine.

With the help of celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, we’re detailing how to do the banana eyeliner trend in just three easy steps. To start, all you need is your favorite foundation, a gel or cream eyeliner pencil in a fun color, some cotton swabs, micellar water (to clean up the edges), and a good mascara to finish off the look.

Keep scrolling for the full banana-eyeliner makeup tutorial.

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