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I Realized Summer Is Near, Panicked, and Added 30 Beauty Products to My Cart

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There are two types of people in this world: those who need a specific reason to shop and those who actively look for an excuse to spend money. If you couldn’t tell by the title of this article, I fall into the latter group. I just love any excuse to shop, and summer feels like an easy target. I mean, generally speaking, it is good to give your skincare routine a seasonal refresh. Plus, it’s basically a crime to not have a few glow-inducing products on hand for the warm weather. So really, I would be putting my job on the line if I didn’t share my current must-haves. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been eyeing some of these products for a while, and I’ve already tried a handful of them. Many of them I already own and I want to try in new shades, but I have to share them all with you because they’re just that good. Keep scrolling for 30 of my beauty must-haves that will work for summer and beyond. I promise. 

The internet is right. This liquid blush is everything. There are so many joyful shades that are just begging to be added to your summer makeup bag. The formula is very pigmented, so I suggest you apply a small amount to the back of your hand and use a brush to apply some to your cheeks. Blend it out, and wait for the magic to happen. The formula is creamy, buildable, and adds the prettiest healthy flush of color.

Before summer rolls around (read: before I’m soaking up the sun while scrolling on my phone for hours on end), it’s time I focus on the horizontal lines across my neck. I’ve always had them, but they’ve gotten worse over the last few years, so this new potent serum is giving me hope. It’s formulated with lifting dipeptides to visibly tighten skin and smooth horizontal lines caused by Tech Neck™. Reviews say it’s really easy to use—the roller design features a cooling metal applicator that gently glides across your neck’s contours, allowing you to massage the formula into your skin without any pulling or tugging. So yeah, obviously, it’s in my cart.

This bottle is totally on-trend for summer, and the fragrance is an unexpected blend of fig, bergamot, jasmine, cyclamen, and vanilla—a combination sure to have you daydreaming of a vacation. 

This is a weekly hair treatment that’s made with pure rice-water extract. It’s meant to minimize flyaways and remove buildup while nourishing hair and adding extra shine. I actually have been using it for a few weeks now and can already see a difference in my strands. With extended use, your scalp will be healthier, and your hair will be stronger and have less breakage overall—a total win in my book.

These are life-saving in the summer. My lips always get super dry, and these silicone exfoliating lip brushes help keep my pout smooth. I usually make a DIY lip scrub (coconut oil and brown sugar), slather my lips with it, then use one of these in a circular motion.

I’m picky about sunscreen, but I’m a full-blown Vacation stan. The brand just released the classic formula in a spray, and it 100% needs to be added to your summer routine. It’s lightweight, full of good ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and banana extract, and is truly transparent. Plus, can you really ignore the retro branding? It’s everything.

I’ve tried many ice rollers in my day, but this one takes the cake. Its shape and size are superior to every other one I’ve tried, and the aluminum roller is genius. It’s cold on its own, but when you pop it into the freezer, it gets extra cold and stays that way. It’s the perfect self-care moment after a long (hot) day. It helps contour, tighten, and de-puff skin and will leave you (and your skin) feeling refreshed.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not a foundation girl. I’ve been a loyal user of tinted moisturizer, and it takes a lot for me to even consider swapping it out for something else. This has completely blown my mind. It’s a foundation but also a skin treatment made with HA, niacinamide, peptides, squalene, and more. So it’s basically improving your skin while enhancing its natural appearance. It looks unbelievably natural, is so lightweight (it doesn’t feel makeup-y at all), and stays put. I also love that it’s made with SPF 25. It will for sure be my go-to for all the summer weddings on my calendar.

This is a newbie! It’s a waterproof gel eyeliner (keyword: waterproof) that’s so creamy it glides on effortlessly. It comes in five swoon-worthy shades, including this deep chocolate brown, that can add so much to every summer beauty look. If you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s a really pretty emerald green, too.

Let me introduce you to this non-invasive take on micro-needling. The roller is made with over 3000 dissolving needling tips made with HA and peptides, which basically melt into your skin. A few nights a week after cleansing, use the roller over your entire face for five to 10 minutes. Your skin will look smoother, supple, and radiant—I can attest!

A crease-proof concealer is always a must, especially during the summer when it’s hot and things can get sweaty. I’m very much into this medium-coverage formula. it has a skincare base made with HA, peptides, and caffeine that hydrates, visibly plumps, and gives a smooth, radiant finish. It’s super lightweight and visibly brightens your skin without weighing it down.

I introduced a resurfacing treatment to my skincare routine, and that’s when I really started to see results. So it only makes sense for the same to be true for my body. This triple-action exfoliator helps retexturize skin without making it feel dry or tight. It’s formulated with pumice, a physical exfoliator that instantly buffs skin, while lactic and salicylic acids chemically exfoliate the outermost layer. Papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes help brighten the skin. It seems like a logical addition to any summer skincare routine.

A body lotion in spray form feels like a dream come true. It works to renew the look of dry, bumpy skin with a formula that’s enriched with lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, a unique LaH6 skin hydration complex infused with six active moisturizers that offer major hydration, and sweet almond oil that helps achieve smooth, supple results.

It’s a lip gloss! It’s a balm! It’s actually a hybrid. It nourishes lips, hydrates, and visibly plumps them while adding a dewy, high-shine wash of color. Perfect for those balmy nights that are just around the corner!

Did you really think I’d get through a summer product roundup without including a self-tanner? This is currently my favorite formula. It gives me the most natural-looking, long-lasting all-over glow. It’s made with HA, glycerin, and squalane. And it has a vitamin-rich sea kelp base that combines with nourishing argan and avocado oils to lock in moisture. To sum it up, you’ll give your skin the perfect sun-kissed glow while adding insane hydration.

If you want a streak-free tan, I highly encourage you to add this mitt to your cart, too. Not only is it water-resistant (no stained palms over here!), but it’s machine washable, so you can use it over and over.

If you want that lit-from-within glow, look no further. This highlighter is packed with light-reflecting pearl particles that give your skin an instant dewy glow. Mix it with your favorite foundation, or dab some onto the high points of your face. You won’t regret it.

I love a face mist all year round, but nothing compares to spritzing yourself during the summer. This one is infused with damask-rose extract, which helps retain moisture, and rose water to calm and soothe. It’s the midday pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed. 

Okay, I know I’ve already recommended a blush, but I couldn’t not include this. I’ve been a loyal user of this brand’s tinted moisturizer (for more than 15 years, people!), so this blush genuinely excites me. If it’s anything like the tinted moisturizer, then you can expect a soft, sheer glow with the skincare magic of a moisturizer.

I don’t know about you, but these are the nail colors I’ve been gravitating toward lately. So it just makes sense to have all of them in bite-size bottles.

These 2-in-1 crayons are my favorite for creating iconic (sorry, had to) eye looks on the fly, but this champagne shade truly is perfect for summer. One end is a creamy eye-shadow crayon that you can sweep, pat, and blend over your eyelid with your fingers, and the other end is a non-sticky gel that can be applied on top to create a wet-looking glaze effect.

I need these for when I’m relaxing poolside or on the beach and want to keep my sweaty locks out of my face. Chic and practical.

This is a plant-based deodorant that was specifically formulated for those who are active. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and neutralizes odor while HA improves moisture retention for added hydration and supple skin. It’s also baking soda–free, which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

I use dry shampoo way more in the summertime, and Batiste never lets me or my locks down. It removes excess oil to provide added texture and volume in between washes. This one has scents of coconut, jasmine, and vanilla that smell like a tropical dream and will have you eager to book a vacation ASAP.

If you want to partake in the colorful eye-shadow trend this summer, meet your new BFF. 

If you’re active outside in the summer, just apply this before getting dressed to any area prone to skin rubbing. It’ll save you from a lot of discomfort. Trust me—I’ve learned the hard way.

This is a highlighter with a translucent base and golden light-reflecting minerals. Yep, I’m not lying. It’s made with hydrating and smoothing baobab-seed oil, so whether you use it on its own or over makeup, it will look natural.

I love that this is a retexturing body cream that’s formulated with fruit AHAs and vitamin C. It means with regular use, you’ll see visibly brighter, smoother skin.

Call me crazy, but I’m also totally feeling this color for summer. 

This green-tea clay face mask promises to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes; correct uneven, dull skin; and help boost your skin’s radiance. Use it a few times a week for a fresh, rejuvenated complexion that’s ready to take on summer.

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