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I Spent Hours Researching Swim Trends—These 5 Will Go Viral

When Chanel debuted its spring/summer 2022 collection via live stream, fashion lovers all put their day job on hold, including me, and quickly got ready to watch the magic happen. This is always the one show that no one wants to miss, as new trends are guaranteed to emerge before your eyes. As the Chanel team presses play, models confidently stroll around backstage waiting for the show to begin in a somewhat vignette-style montage. When they finally make their way to the catwalk, there’s something that feels different. Unlike the recent fashion shows, we watch the models strut down the runway with an added pep in their step—sashaying with one foot in front of the other before finally reaching the end of the runway, which was surrounded by photographers, and striking a pose.

The intention was to remark on the energy and magic that occurred at fashion shows in the 1980s. The first swim trend you’ll find below first caught my eye at the exact moment that I made this connection. The confidence the model had while wearing it made that specific look a viral fashion moment. We all got the message quickly. Swimwear is back and bigger than ever before. It’s been a few seasons since we saw swim on the runway at a brand like Chanel, and it came as a surprise. I wish upon us all that these new exciting swimsuits and trends will help us radiate the same amount of confidence that blew me away while streaming the show.

To get the look, think extra. Swimwear with added fun features like belts and award-winning accessories have already been gracing my Instagram feed this year as I watch people vacation from the comfort of my tiny NYC home. And I’m here for it! Dive into the fun by shopping the below swimwear trends that I spotted on the runway and suggest you buy into now before everyone else catches on. That summertime feeling starts now.

Belted swimwear is no revelation, but there’s an update that just must be shared. What appears to be similar to actual belts has graced bikini bottoms all over the runways. I guarantee you you’ll see this on the beach in a few years, so why not be first to take the plunge?

Shop the matching Catarina Bikini Top ($75). This swimsuit trend is a must.

Shop the matching Reversible Bikini Top ($350). A more feminine take.

For the sporty girls.

The fashion insider’s love for bold gold jewelry has made its way over to the swimwear arena in a way that feels very luxe. Gold pieces that appear similar to your favorite chunky chain necklace or hoop earrings are holding swimwear together and gracing the body as well. I’m excited about this one.

This is a major gold moment happening.

Shop the matching Genta Tie Teeny Bottom ($45). The subtle approach.

Shop the matching Gold Chain High Rise Briefs ($100). In love with this color.

Femininity has reached its peak with this one. Hello to the glitter we used to make a mess of in elementary school art class, we meet again. This time much less messy and way chicer. I’m into it.

Rings are also huge right now.

Flattering on every figure.

This would look so good in my suitcase.

Cutouts are the fashion trend that we just can’t get enough of. Make any boring top not so boring when you add the right cutouts, no? Well, the same thing applies to swimwear, and you’ll find my below picks anything but boring.

I love a good halter top.

Shop the matching The Sign Hipster Bikini Bottoms ($85). Side cutouts do it for me.

This sunny color draws me in.

Shine on, you crazy diamond. Something feels so luxe about anything that is shiny and the silky velvety finishes on these swimsuits have drawn me in. You had me at hello.

Shop the matching Waves Bikini Bottom ($170). High fashion meets swimwear.

Shop the matching Glitter Poppy Bikini Top ($118). The ruffles are so flattering.

Silver surfer.

This color is everything.

Wear this shirt unbuttoned with that one piece and you will be best dressed on the beach.

The back ties are so amazing.

Best $9 you’ll ever spend.

This swimsuit is a whole look.

Make a statement.

The perfect place for a cutout.

Show off that shape.

I love a semi-sheer coverup.

You can’t go wrong with a good print.

Glitter girl.

Now this is a coverup every woman needs.

This color is so flattering.

This asymmetrical top is so good.

There were so many rave reviews that I have to throw this one in.

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