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I Tried MAC's Viral Mascara, and It's Worth the Hype

I’m fully immersed in BeautyTok, and one of the products I keep seeing all over my For You Page is the MAC Macstack Mascara ($28). As someone who can appreciate a fluttery, full lash, I’m intrigued when there’s a new, innovative mascara that hits the market. From makeup artists and influencers to casual mascara users, everyone was raving about how this mascara gave them length and volume for days. MAC claims that the formula is endlessly buildable, clump-resistant, flake-resistant, and has 24-hour wear. After hearing all the hype about it on TikTok and seeing the impressive results, I had to test it out for myself!

The Macstack Mascara comes in two variations: one has the Superstack Mega Brush ideal for longer or upper lashes, and the other is the Superstack Mirco Brush ideal for shorter or lower lashes. I tested out the Mega Brush version since I prefer using mascara on my upper lashes. The brush has a slim, tapered shape that’s thicker at the base and thinner at the tip. It has petal-shaped silicone bristles to fully coat the lashes with the formula from root to tip. The formula is thick but on the wetter side with an opaque black color.

Since the formula is buildable and layerable, it’s easy to shape and customize the volume and length you’re going for, whether you want something more natural-looking or bold, voluminous, and practically like false lashes. I prefer to have the lengthening, fanned-out fluttery-lashes look that leans more on the natural side. I noticed a significant difference within the first few swipes of the Macstack Mascara. My lashes were instantly lifted and lengthened. In fact, it kept my lashes lifted without even using a lash curler. I used the thinner brush side to fan out my inner-corner and outer-corner lashes and the thicker brush side to enhance and build up the volume. The formula felt weightless on my lashes, and the brush made it easy to coat and separate my lashes for the exact look I want.

If you want something enhanced but natural-looking, I suggest coating and combing through your lashes with the brush around two to 10 times. It’s the perfect medium between a fanned-out and lengthened look that’s flirty yet natural. For something more dramatic, coat and comb through your lashes with the brush 15-20 times or more. The Macstack Mascara formula starts to build on itself to give the appearance of thicker lashes and sky-high length. Therefore, clumping is bound to happen, especially for that falsies-like appearance. The minor clumping is expected; however, after 20+ coatings and comb throughs, it’s quite impressive how little the mascara formula clumped up and how fanned out it looks. MAC’s Macstack Mascara is truly endlessly buildable!

The Macstack Mascara is a versatile mascara that lets you truly customize your lashes. From lengthening to volume, you really won’t need anything else. My lashes were so long that I couldn’t even wear sunglasses without my lashes hitting the lenses. I was truly impressed by how much you can layer the formula for a dramatic, falsies-like appearance. That, too, with minimal clumping and a weightless feel! I was able to wear this mascara all day long without it flaking or smudging off. Plus, the mascara was easy to wash off as well. It’s one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. TikTok was right: this mascara is totally worth the hype.


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