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I'm a Fashion Editor Living in L.A.— Here's Every Staple I'm Buying This Season

Regardless of which coast you’re on, a few things remain the same once winter enters the equation—stocking up on cozy knits and jackets, mornings with a hot latte—but as time inches closer towards spring, that’s where things begin to deviate. As an experienced New Yorker, turned experienced Los Angeleno, I can definitively say that the staples I’m reaching for right now are significantly less severe than if I were making it through the residual cold of early spring in the city. Instead of heavy-duty coats, I lean towards mid-weight jackets, and instead of fleece-lined pants, a comfortable knit is now my go-to. The list can go on and on, but I’ll spare you the details and will jump right into it: below, I’ve outlined every single staple I’m investing into this spring. From statement prints to saturated shades, these are foolproof pieces to usher in a new season on-trend. 

As much as I’ve championed cargo pants in the past, I’m not letting go of the trend anytime soon. This soft beige color feels right on the mark for the warmer temperatures. 

Denim is practically a requirement when visiting the west coast, so absolutely it’s on my list of staples to invest in this spring.

Cable knit pieces have a way of looking so chic in ways other knits can’t—needless to say it’ll be the main feature of my newly minted cool-weather closet.

It’s always significantly warmer during the days in L.A., which is why I have my eye on this beautiful light floral top.

From the bold shade of pink to the giant buttons, the little details make this piece stand out.

Split hem pants offer the subtlest showcase of skin, allowing your ankles to breathe while still keeping you warm.

It’s the color for me.

You might think twice about wearing this right now in New York, but in L.A. this sunny printed skirt feels oh so right.

I love how I can wear this with boots or sneakers, depending on my mood (and the weather).

Beautiful long dresses really go the extra mile when you’re in the midst of indecisive weather.

Black and beige are cool, but it’s all about optimistically bold hues as the days grow longer. Juicy shades of orange, pink, yellow and green are particular favorites of mine at the moment.

When worn as a set, this color does all the talking for you.

Bottega gree, anyone?

Here’s a sartorial remedy for gloominy, grey skies.

Don’t be mistaken it still can get cold in Socal, hence the array of light knits on this list.

With ice-cold temps now out of the equation, it feels opportune to jump on sheer prints like this.

A top like this can keep you warm yet strategically on trend.

I plan on wearing this with cute low-rise jeans.

Bring on the cheerful ruffles.

It may look like jumping the gun to go for mini lengths already, but trust me, 80 degree days are not uncommon this time of year.

When a coat is the only way to survive the day, it’ll definitely be this one.

It’s all in the (back) details.

A good trouser is always a wise choice.

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