I'm Experimenting With Adding Color to My Wardrobe—These New Finds Are "It"

As someone who generally sticks to a neutral uniform, I’m surprised to admit that there’s something about spring’s bold-color trend that really gets me going. Maybe it’s the inherent joy it encapsulates or maybe I’m just bored of black and tan (insert shrug emoji). Either way, I’m taking color risks I never have before, and let me tell you, it feels good. Exhibit A: I recently attended a wedding in a floor-length Pepto-Bismol-pink dress. Was I nervous to wear it? Oh yeah. But I have never gotten more compliments on an item of clothing in my life.

This newfound color confidence has me trying to incorporate brighter hues on a more frequent basis. Am I intrigued by a monochrome tangerine look? Yes, yes, I am. Are there Y2K-inspired, kelly-green sandals currently in my shopping cart? There sure are. And in all honestly, they should be in yours, too. So hop on in, and get to scrolling! A rainbow of fun spring pieces awaits.  

These are so Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and I’m here for it. 

Hot pink’s a color I would’ve shied away from before, but now I can’t wait to try it out!

For a monochrome look, pair the cardigan with the matching skirt!

Pair this with a white tee and flat leather sandals for an everyday look. 

This pastel blue is so pretty. 

If I had to name the color of the season, kelly green would be it.

A rich olive is a super-elevated way to dip your toe in the color pool.

This periwinkle sweater is a great option if you’re looking to add just a little pop of color. 

This shade of orange is surprisingly easy to wear. 

Love lime green!

If you’re new to the color game, how about something in comforting black with just some accents in color? This cardigan is made of recycled clamshells and is hand-embroidered!

Wear this button-down closed or open with a white tank underneath. 

Never thought I’d be lusting after cantaloupe, but here we are. 

This sweet polo would be so cute tucked into a pair of light-blue jeans. 

Spice up your shoe game with these statement slingbacks.  

The definition of mellow yellow. 

If saturated colors aren’t your thing, why not try a more muted pastel?

Someone invite me to a fancy cocktail party so I can wear this. 

Love the neckline on this. 

Bright intimates are a fun way to get in on the trend. Show them off, or keep them hidden!

I love the way they’ve styled this top with a simple black mini. 

The cone heel here is so chic. 

Sunset vibes! 

The straight fit and front pleat on these pants are so flattering. 

Absolutely adore the shade of this button-down. 

I like the idea of wearing these with a neutral workout outfit and a baseball cap. 

I’m kinda obsessed with these. 

More kelly green! This is such a good throw-on sweater. 

If you’re still unsure about how to incorporate color into your wardrobe, activewear is the perfect place to start experimenting.  Up Next: I’m a Fashion Editor, and I Think These Outfit Ideas Are Super Easy to Pull Off

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