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I’m Over Everything In My Closet RN, So I’m Investing In These 30 Zara Finds

Currently, I hate everything in my closet. Well, maybe that’s a touch hyperbolic, but it does perfectly encapsulate the feeling I get whenever it’s time to get dressed. I’m a person that loves clothes (hence why my career is centered in the fashion industry), so when I start to despise getting ready, I know it’s time to do something about it. And that do something, usually means heading to Zara.

Although it feels like I have nothing to wear, I’ll admit that my wardrobe consists of the classic foundations—ie, good denim, basic tees, etc. All that’s missing is some added spice, aka trend-forward pieces that can elevate my staples so that they feel special. Below, I present my current shopping list of cool and fun pieces that I’m currently eyeing. They haven’t reached my doorstep yet, but I can already feel the excitement from my computer screen. Keep scrolling below to see the buys that are adding some much-needed flavor to my spring wardrobe.

This feels like Zara’s answer to Jacquemus’s F/W ’21 pink midi skirt. And I plan on wearing this with an abundance of crop tops.

Single closure cardigans make fun going out tops.

It’s impossible to not look like a boss in these.

Mugler’s paneled jeans are a viral hit. They’re also almost impossible to find, so until I do these will suffice.

I really love the pants, but just give me this entire outfit.

Oversized shirts are already part of my spring wardrobe, but this shade of orange really steps it up a notch.

Resort ready.

Wedge sandals are high on my spring wishlist.

Just look at that back detail!

Aperol spritzes are a necessity in this dress.

I know pool parties are at least a few months away, but when they arrive, I’ll be ready.

Waistcoats have a way of making everything look cool.

This top is relatively simple, but the sweetheart neckline really sets it apart.

This could function as a swimsuit coverup, but if you’re not afraid of risks it could also function as a cool top.

My basic jeans aren’t cutting it for me, so I’m opting for denim with noticeable details.

Can you tell romantic dresses are all I want for spring?

Khaki trousers to make all my The Row dreams come true.

Maxi skirts are the moment.

Yes, this demands to be worn as a set.

Spring is all about pretty jackets like this.

I bet you don’t have a dress like this.

I’m a sucker for charm necklaces

Just imagine how good this would look styled with a pair of baggy jeans. 

I’d love to wear these with jeans.

There are no words to describe how stunning this dress is.

60’s vibes coming in hot.

Simply stunning.

I’m so into the elegant round neckline of this blazer—it feels like I should be drinking espresso at a Parisian cafe.

These would look amazing with a cropped white tank and sneakers.

I’m getting Jil Sander vibes from this.

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