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It's a Bummer, I Know, But These Summer Trends Are Officially Dated

To the dismay of my very tiny New York City apartment, I’m a bit of a hoarder. In some ways, it comes with the job given how many things editors receive on a weekly basis. In others, it’s of my own doing since I have a very difficult time saying goodbye to, well, anything, especially when it relates to fashion. (Yes, I still own my prom dress, my high school cheerleading uniform, and the vintage Levi’s I bought my freshman year of college and have since ripped and restitched at least a dozen times.) But with a new season in our midst and my studio looking more cramped than ever, I’m finally taking the time to ditch all the trends that feel dated in my wardrobe and only keep the ~fresh~ ones. And you’re coming along with me. 

Fashion went through a fairly radical shift in the last few seasons in terms of aesthetics, which means that a lot of the summer trends we used to think were the epitome of style have fallen off a bit. Maybe they became too big and therefore lost their cool factor, or perhaps a more elevated style simply overtook them. Whatever the reason the 13 dated summer trends ahead have fallen from grace, it doesn’t much matter. All there is to care about now is hitting the refresh button.

For a collector of clothes like me, it stings a bit to say goodbye to things, even if they aren’t the freshest pieces in my wardrobe. Alas, it must be done. Keep scrolling for 13 summer trends that didn’t make it past my clean-out and the 13 that absolutely did.

For a while now, patchwork was our DIY-inspired trend of choice, but after a long run at the top, we’re ready for a change. Such is the reason crochet has become a huge trend of late, with open-weave tops, dresses, skirts, and shorts all ending up in the fashion crowd’s virtual shopping carts for summer. 

I just got this adorable polo top in the mail, and yes, it’s as good as it appears online, if not better. 

Cult Gaia, you did good.

This is how you wear long sleeves in the summer.

The platform flip-flops of the early aughts were fun for a while, but this summer, our shoe games are stepping up in a major way. Thanks to Prada, we’re turning our attention toward kitten heels, specifically ones with sleek pointed toes. Chances are you won’t look back.

These belong in a museum. Or better yet, all of our summer wardrobes.

See, these may look pricey, but in actuality, they’re not at all.

You’ll own and wear these for years and years.

Given how many midi-length slips I’ve acquired over the years, it physically pains me to tell you this, but the style has officially reached dated status. Luckily, the silhouette that is replacing it on our summer wish lists isn’t too far off—just a few inches in fact. This year, we’re eyeing longer hemlines for our silky-dress collection, specifically ones that either almost graze the floor or actually do.  

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this dress cost well over $500.

I know for a fact that a number of Who What Wear editors have this dress in their carts, myself included.

Fact: Marc Jacobs can do no wrong. 

Colored denim had its moment, but now that summer is approaching, we’re seeing a new jeans trend rise the ranks. More and more, brands are dipping their toes into utilitarian styles, specifically in the denim department. So it’s no wonder that carpenter- and cargo-style jeans are ever present on Instagram and TikTok right now. 

I’ve had my eye on these for a while now. It’s time to press purchase.

This ultra-dark wash is very in these days.

I’m calling it: These are Zara’s next big seller. 

Tiny, black-rimmed sunglasses were fun while they lasted, but thanks to the Y2K comeback, they’ve officially lost their cool factor. Instead, eyewear styles from the early aughts—think rimless, clear, or shield-like designs—are our main priority for summer.  

The good thing about a clear pair of sunglasses is they go with everything. 

I swear my dad had these in 2006. Now, I want them.

These are giving Matrix. Did I mention that Hailey Bieber has them in black?

If you want heeled sandals you can walk 10,000-plus steps in, it’s not lace-up heels you should invest in but wedges. Until a few months ago, the early aughts shoe style was stuck at the bottom of the fashion totem pole. That’s, luckily, no longer the case. Now, brands like Amina Muaddi, Bottega Veneta, and Prada are taking them straight to the top of our wish lists for summer. You know what to do. 

Low-key, Reformation makes the best, most comfortable shoes.

Never suffer pain from stilettos again.

Saying I want these would be the understatement of the year. 

There was a time not too long ago that all any fashion person wore in the summer was track shorts paired with button-down shirts and dainty kitten heels. But these days, we’re seeing a switch in the choice of bottoms, most prevalently toward flowy, parachute-like windbreaker pants, as seen on Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Paloma Elsesser. 

Light and breezy.

I’m obsessed.

These pants keep selling out, aka don’t wait to snag a pair.

After years of opting for high-cut and high-rise bikinis over their skimpier swimwear counterparts, we’re at last prioritizing reduced tan lines and increased skin-showing capabilities. This summer, it’s all about string bikinis, with the simplest shapes winning out. But just because the cuts look the same, that doesn’t mean all string bikinis do. From bright colors to interesting patterns, there’s still plenty to choose from for the beach season ahead with this trend.

No, simple doesn’t mean boring. This suit is a showstopper. Shop the matching Tie Bikini Bottoms ($26).

If you loved this print in dress and skirt form, you’ll love it as an itty-bitty bikini, too.  Shop the matching Betsey Bikini Bottom ($49).

The Valentino F/W 22 collection in swimsuit form. Shop the matching Ties Bikini Briefs ($90).

Bucket hats have reigned supreme the last few summers, but this year, we’re opting for a different style of headgear: bandanas. From simple styles in neutral colors to bold alternatives with intricate patterns, the options are endless for this trend. And as an added bonus, you can turn your silky headscarves into tops with no effort at all.

Orange is having a moment. 

This look is a lesson in making leopard print appear subtle. 

Your standard bandana, but 10 times more elevated.

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