It's a Sweater. It's a Coat. It's a Sweater-Coat, and I Want All of Them

Like most of us this year, my top priority in the fashion department has been comfort. With so much uncertainty in the world recently, my anxiety has been at an all-time high. Thankfully, I’ve found comfort in making both my home and wardrobe as warm and cozy as possible—meaning it’s the soft fabrics for me. This is why there’s one coat trend, in particular, this year that has my attention: the sweater-coat.

What is a sweater-coat? It’s essentially a cozy sweater in coat form. It has the structure and silhouette of a coat but is made of a soft knit fabric that you actually want to wear. Since comfort is king these days, I’m dubbing the sweater-coat my personal It item of winter 2021. Whether layered over another sweater style, a shacket, or a blouse, this cozy coat makes your outfit feel polished yet comfortable at the same time. Below, shop the 22 best sweater-coats I’ve seen. Plus, see how fashion girls are styling theirs right now.

Sure to turn heads—in a good way.

Peak cozy. 

Bonus: This sweater-coat has a hood. 

So timeless.

This color can be paired with anything. 

It’s the fringe for me. 

Talk about a piece you’ll own forever. 

This tied belt makes it so elevated.


A fur collar is always a good idea.

Camel always looks expensive. 

Grandma chic. 

This will be one of your most-worn pieces. 

This one is selling quick.

Wear this one open as a coat or buttoned up as a dress. 

Simple and sleek.

So fun.

Like wearing your blanket, but chicer. 

A work of art. 

You’ll never want to take this off. 

A good print adds interest to even the most basic of outfits. 

Simple yet unbelievably chic. 

Up next: I swear this timeless coat trend somehow always looks expensive.

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