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It's Official: These Are Our Top Fragrance Picks From Cartier

There’s something about that little red box. Yeah, you know the one with gold script adorning it. For fashion people, the Cartier Love bracelet is an investment piece that can be worn with any and everything. The same can be said for Cartier’s fragrances. With a range of scent options from floral to musk, much like the brand’s coveted jewelry, any perfume you select will complement your wardrobe with ease. Now, fragrance isn’t all about you—even though we wish that was always the case. Perfume is also the perfect gift for loved ones in your life for any occasion.

From birthdays to holidays, fragrance is the gift that keeps on giving long after said special occasion has passed. Now, selecting the right one for yourself or someone you love does require a bit of research, and in the case of Cartier fragrances, we’ve taken the guesswork out and selected our top 20. They aren’t just one-note (pun intended). The legacy brand offers everything from fragrance to bodycare alongside discovery sets that give you (or a loved one) a chance to explore all the brand has to offer from an olfactory perspective.

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This fragrance packed into a gorgeous black panther–inspired bottle is one of the brand’s best sellers. Created by Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s in-house perfumer, La Panthère offers a grounded scent with fresh gardenia and velvety musk at the helm.

We love an original creation, and this one from another of Cartier’s in-house perfumers, Baiser Volé, is all about fresh florals with the flower power of lilies as the star.

With notes of lavender and the woody depth of patchouli, this eau de toilette is all about relaxation.

As this scent pays homage to nature, the brand also designed the fern, lentiscus, oak, geranium, rosemary, and wild herb fragrance with 100% plant-based ingredients sans artificial colors.

This botanical, woody, and spicy fragrance is housed in a tinted green bottle with shades of blue and gray, designed to complement the vibes of this scent.

Layered with the scent of almonds and woody notes, this fragrance brings femininity and warmth.

Magnolia is the star of the romantic, fresh fragrance.

For anyone who loves roses, this fragrance featuring the pure essence of rose will take their senses into a rose garden with one spritz.

The classic flower (and scent) lily of the valley gets a modern update here.

Can’t decide which fragrance is right for you or a loved one? This set of three travel-size bottles of Cartier’s iconic fragrances for women features the floral La Panthère Eau de Toilette, the lily-powered Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum, and the gardenia and musk La Panthère Eau de Parfum.

We love when a best seller comes in a gift set. This set comes housed in the signature red Cartier gift box along with a 75 ml Eau de Parfum, a 15 ml purse spray in its slipcase, a 25 ml fragrance, a 40 ml hand cream, and a 75 ml Eau de Parfum allover body spray.

For a perfume lover who enjoys collecting bottles, this limited-edition Nécessaire à Parfum case adorned with a panther, a bellboy, and a red box is perfect for a vanity. And the case can be refilled with many of Cartier’s signature fragrances.

This Nécessaire à Parfum case is lacquered with a deep-green Mashrabiya motif and can also be refilled with your favorite Cartier fragrance.

Remember those refills we mentioned? The 30 ml glass refills slip right into the cases of the Nécessaires à Parfum thanks to a magnet, and there are many scents to choose from, including La Panthère and Perfum Pasha.

With two 30 ml glass refills, this eco-friendly option will ensure you’re never without your beloved scent.

If La Panthère is your fragrance, investing in a refillable case is one small step to helping the environment.

Add a layer of lily extract–infused body cream to your routine.

Let the scent of La Panthère fill your shower with a gentle gel that cleanses the skin and leaves you feeling so fresh and so clean.

After your shower, layer this body lotion on to hydrate the skin and leave a lingering scent you’ll want to last all day.

This discovery kit centers Cartier’s prestigious Les Heures Voyageuses collection. With six 15 ml bottles—Oud Radieux, Oud & Musc, Oud & Pink, Oud & Amber, Oud & Santal, Oud & Oud—the recipient of this set will get to experience Cartier at its best.

Want to take this best-selling perfume on the go without worrying about spills or TSA? Throw this capsule in your purse for midday fragrance touch-ups.

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