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I’ve Been Looking For Cool Yet Classic Staples Forever—Until I Came Across These

It can take an eternity to find the right “forever” pieces. I know that was the case for me. Fresh out of college I couldn’t afford to head straight to The Row or Theory to stock up on basics, so I settled for fast fashion alternatives in the meantime. It’s not to say that non-designer staples are bad—plenty of the big names have made decent strides towards improving their quality and sustainability—but I still found myself getting rid of them after only a  few seasons. Almost at a new decade in my life, I really needed to get serious about streamlining my closet. 

That task came easy courtesy of the brilliant people behind our in-house Who What Wear collection. Each new drop I find myself gravitating toward a slew of pieces, that seem to give me something I didn’t know I needed within my wardrobe. Take the Grace and Millie knit set—I could easily see myself slipping it on for impromptu work meetings, on the go, or traveling. But the proportions feel a notch more elevated than a basic sweatsuit. It’s that mixture of practicality and creative sophistication that makes me feel like I’ve found my forever pieces that will stay in my closet for more than a trend cycle. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up the pieces I’m eyeing to form the new foundation of my daily wardrobe. From versatile knits to ultra-polished suiting, I’m sure they’ll win you over too.

A quality suit is always appropriate, so I like to keep a cool one at the ready for special occasions. 

Knit pieces are in an entire league of their own—they’re the easiest way to look expensive, yet still comfortable enough to wear practically all the time.

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I always have a collection of polished separates in my closet, just in case I need to impress or look elevated at a moment’s notice. The below jumpsuit is the perfect one and done solution.

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