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I've Spent Years Trying "Brown-Girl Friendly" Products—These 27 Passed My Test

As a brown girl, finding products that work with my skin tone and type can be a little tricky. Growing up, the beauty world was vastly different than it is today. My options were quite slim with everything from foundation colors to lip products. Even with the large variety there is today, I still find myself disappointed in many products that leave my skin feeling chalky and ashy-looking, even when the product promises the opposite. I feel like I always have to walk out of Sephora or a drugstore with a beauty product in hand, and it’s time I finally share all the results from everything I’ve test-driven over the years.

From the perfect nude lipstick to the foundation that has shades for everyone, these brown-girl friendly beauty products need to be acknowledged. Without further ado, I give you 27 makeup, skincare, and haircare items that check all my boxes.

The internet cannot stop talking about this blush, and it’s for a valid reason. It’s quickly become a favorite amongst the Who What Wear office as well. It’s pigmented, blends like a dream, and a little bit goes a long way. My favorite shades have been Joy, Faith, and Love. 

I was shocked at how quick and well this stuff works. Whenever my acne heals, dark spots take its place. After using this product on a daily basis, it not only has brightened the dark spots but my skin in general.

Color corrector is a game changer when it comes to covering up dark circles or discoloration. On most days I go without this product (Embrace the skin you’re in!) but when I wear a heavier makeup look, I blend this product in under my concealer and foundation. 

I think I’ve told almost every one of my friends about this powder blush palette. It’s been my favorite drugstore product and always comes with me wherever I go. It’s looks pretty layered on top of cream/liquid blush but is also gorgeous on it’s own. I’ve tried blush palettes that go for about 5x the price of this one but nothing beats this affordable option. (Sometimes I take a blush and mix all 4 together, it still looks great.)

When they say Pillow Talk looks good on everyone, they mean it. I’ve tried many nude-pink lip products over the years, and this one is top-tier. 

This lip oil is not only extremely nourishing, but the sheer color is the perfect everyday lip. Rosehip oil and shea butter help keep lips feel hydrated, and nothing about this product gives that “sticky” feeling some glosses do. For my skin-tone, Cara Cara, Marrakech, and Sangria have been the most flattering shades.

I first tried this concealer 3 years ago, and I keep coming back to it. Sometimes, concealer can sit on top of my skin and create this white cast on my under-eye, especially since I darker and drier skin. This blends seamlessly and lets my skin feel and look like skin. 

Kajal is a beauty product that I’ve taught to use since I was a little girl, but a lot of them can have harmful ingredients and also come with tricky applicators. These eyeliners come in the most beautiful colors, easily glide on, and last all day.

When I spoke to the makeup designer of Bridgerton she let me know this was the exact blush used on Simone Ashley’s character, Kate. Obviously, I had to try it immediately and it certainly lived up to the hype. The divine rose shade adds the perfect rose-y touch to the face, almost like you’re heavily blushing.

For years, I struggled with finding a sunscreen that didn’t leave a white cast on my skin. Once I met Supergoop’s products, I didn’t need to try anything else. My brother and husband never used SPF but have now both stole this product from me, in case you needed some more convincing. 

It can be hard to find a rich and hydrating moisturizer that doesn’t leave a white case on the skin, and this one checks all my boxes. I actually had a dinner party and blended this on my hand and once my friends felt my skin, they were shocked and wanted to purchase immediately.

This was one of the first Charlotte Tilbury products that I’ve tried and is by far my favorite. I’ve used other setting powders before and many can leave my face products looking a bit too matte and ashy. This powder leaves your face with a soft and blurred finish, but doesn’t take away from your glow.

Meet another great blush that I’m obsessed with. Sometimes liquid blush can be messy for application on-the-go, and this one is a lot easier to use. It’s also a great multitasker so just a couple of easy strokes across your cheekbones, lids, and lips, and you have a beautiful monochromatic makeup vibe. 

I’m a lazy girl at heart, and when I need a quick and easy look for going out, this liquid eye shadow is my saving grace. It’s highly pigmented and helps take my makeup look from simple to stunning. All you need is one or two strokes and you’re ready to go.

Even though M.A.C is an OG makeup brand, I feel like a lot of their products tend to be underrated. It has smooth application and real staying power. My favorite shade has to be Whirl, a perfect dusty rose.

My lips tend to get dehydrated and discolored, and this conditioning lip oil works better than some of the pricier pip products I’ve tried. 

In the summertime, this is my favorite foundation product. It applies like a serum so it blends seamlessly onto the skin but also gives a glow-y finish like no other. It’s luminous, moisturizing, and has a blurring effect. This may not be the foundation for extreme full-coverage, but it’s a great skin product for everyday in the summer.

When I want a heavier foundation for a more full-coverage look, this is my go-to. It’s hard to find a foundation that works with my undertones, but this is the one. I tried it years ago and keep going back to it. 

This vitamin C oil is probably my favorite part of my night routine. It feels like I’m at a spa when I put it on, and it helps brighten and plump my skin. Some vitamin c products can cause pilling and flakes on my skin, but this one does the exact opposite. 

Whenever my skin feels a little dull and tired, this mask fixes it all. It exfoliates and hydrated, giving me a glow like I only usually have when I get a facial.

I know this a cult-favorite beauty product that’s been around for years, but I just tried it recently and it’s quickly become my favorite lip product. It adds this sheer “your lips but better” color.

For a natural-looking, controlled glow, I reach for this Merit highlighting stick. 

Flawless filter is another internet-favorite product that I think is deserving of all the hype. It’s the most beautiful base, as it helps smooth out my face and adds an illuminating flow. I either use it as a base underneath my foundation or to the high points of my face.

As a South-Asian woman, I have very thick hair, but that doesn’t spread to my lashes. While I have long lashes, I need a mascara that adds more volume and color rather than length. If you need a lengthening mascara, this may not be the one for you. However, it volumizes my lashes perfectly without any clumps.

I’ve used this product since high-school, and Im grateful they haven’t discontinued any of my favorite shades, which are Stockholm and Zurich. It isn’t as long-lasting as some other matte lipsticks, but it is my favorite for the daytime.

I don’t contour often but when I do, I use the Fenty Match Stix. It’s probably the only cream contour that has a shade that works well with my skin and undertone. The stick applicator makes it easy to apply along my cheekbones and the formula blends really well.

If I want to set my contour or just add a little sun-kissed touch to my skin, I opt for this bronzer. Bonus points that it smells like chocolate.

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