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My Mom Was a Celeb Aesthetician, and Now I'm One—Here Are My Go-To Picks

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and aestheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go ’round.

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to grow up with a parent who had a very cool job? I’m not saying that my lawyer mom and doctor dad aren’t cool (having a doctor on call 24/7 has its perks), but their jobs are just more traditional. The kind of cool I’m talking about is tagging along on trips to L.A. with your aesthetician mom and getting to watch her perform microcurrent treatments on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars before events and awards shows. Just think about that. How many people actually get to experience that level of coolness? Well, folks, all I know is Tera Peterson did, and I’m equal parts envious and grateful.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Peterson is an aesthetician and the co-founder of a little multimillion-dollar brand called Nuface. “It wasn’t until my 20s that I had an aha moment to create this business with my mom,” she says. After Peterson graduated from aesthetician school, she and her mom had an idea: put the power of microcurrent technology in the hands of their customers so they can experience the magic at home.

Here’s why I’m grateful: Had Peterson not had a mom with a very cool job that let her travel to L.A. and experience skincare magic firsthand, then she might not have gone to aesthetician school and co-founded Nuface. And where would that leave the rest of us? I got my first Nuface Trinity Starter Kit ($339), I don’t know, six years ago, and now I have the Nubody ($399) as well, so I can attest to both of these tools’ lifting and sculpting wizardry. In fact, I’m not sure what I would do without them.

And Peterson is on the same page. She uses her Nuface Trinity Complete ($525) “to look toned, lifted, and sculpted every single day,” and she truly believes beauty technology is the future of skincare. “We are seeing more clients demand at-home technology because their topical skincare isn’t enough anymore.” But don’t worry—if you haven’t ventured into skincare technology yet, you can still get glowing skin. Peterson loves a trip to the Korean spa for a full-body exfoliation. “Anyone who’s been knows it requires some bravery, but you leave with baby-smooth skin.” If that’s not your thing, then just drink plenty of water every day. “When you’re hydrated on a cellular level, it shows in the overall appearance of your skin. Hydration paired with great nutrition and exercise will give you healthy, glowing skin from the inside out,” Peterson says. Curious to see what other glow-inducing secrets she has up her sleeve? Keep scrolling for 17 of her must-have beauty and skincare finds for feeling like your most beautiful self.

“The Trinity Complete has everything I need for a full anti-aging routine. I love to use the facial trainer in the morning for a lifted and contoured appearance sans makeup and the Trinity Wrinkle Reducer at night to plump out any fine lines. I’ll use the Effective Lip and Eye for areas I want advanced targeted lifting like under the eyes, 11s, and lips.”

“The holy grail of the Nuface skincare lineup. Not only does it activate the microcurrent, but it also doubles as a moisturizer! I love how it leaves my skin hydrated, firm, and glowing.”

“This is a cult classic and the perfect everyday exfoliant to keep your skin consistently looking dewy. If you’ve never had a Biologique Recherche facial, you must treat yourself to one. The products are expertly formulated, giving the absolute best results.”

“I love to use this in the shower to exfoliate my face, decolletage, and shoulders. It leaves my skin baby smooth and preps my face for the rest of my skincare routine. It’s gentle enough to use regularly but powerful enough to see the difference with each use.”

“Tammy Fender’s products are so beautiful! They’re clean and holistic, and they smell and feel so luxurious—just like you’ve been transported to the spa. This serum is silky and rich, so it pairs beautifully with a rich moisturizer or is great solo if you have oily skin.”

“Supergoop! products are some of my favorites, and this sunscreen is amazing! It’s the perfect finishing step for a no-makeup day but will leave you looking flawless.”

“I love the no-makeup makeup look, and this gives a flawless finish without looking overdone. It’s rich in antioxidants, which I love.”

“This is one product that makes you look done up in 60 seconds. It feels lightweight on the skin while giving beautiful color to cheeks, lips, and eyes.”

“I love a bold-pigmented red lip! It stays put for hours without feeling dry or cakey.”

“My brows are on the thinner side, and this product gives me feathery full brows with a natural finish.”

“The wand and formulation work to give you super-full, no-clump lashes. Plus, it doesn’t flake off throughout the day.”

“This body wash smells so good, has a rich lather, and doesn’t irritate the skin. I absolutely love it!”

“I use this body butter all year round because healthy, glowing skin is always in. This rich moisturizer locks in every drop of moisture. It’s super luxurious and smells amazing.”

“I always reach for this when my hair needs a little bit of extra love. It gives me the silkiest locks in just 10 minutes.”

“An oldie but a goodie. My blonde hair needs extra love, and this delivers silky-soft hair and prevents further damage from heat.”

“I’ve tried every dry shampoo on the market, and I always come back to this one. It instantly refreshes my locks so I can make it a few days between washes without the buildup.”

“Soft, fresh, and feminine. I love this scent! Putting on perfume is an effortless way to help myself feel pretty and put-together on days when I would prefer to keep it simple.”

“I am obsessed with Sakara. I’ve done the 30-day reset and felt my absolute best after. These drops are part of my daily routine. The beauty drops have minerals your body needs to thrive, and the detox drops help the body filter out toxins. It leaves you glowing from the inside out.”

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