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Out of All the Brands I Discovered in 2021, I Can't Stop Talking About These

Getting to try trends in real life and basically shop 24/7 is nice, but one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is unearthing brands on the rise. During the span of 2021, a lot of newcomers have blimped across my radar, and I’ve documented them all— from small-scale accessory labels to indie It-girl brands with big celeb endorsements—each adding their own flavor to fashion’s giant smorgasbord. It’s extremely satisfying to stumble across a new find and wear it before everyone else. With so many new names in the mix, I thought I’d break down the players that have stood out beyond the rest this year. These brands have managed to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression with designs and new concepts that are shaping today’s trend landscape. There are seven worthwhile names to uncover, so settle in and keep scrolling—you just might find your 2022 aesthetic.

Let’s leave behind frumpy sweaters in 2022. If you need help in this mission, let me lead you to Korean label The Open Product. Part grungy and part downtown with a sliver of ’90s inspo, the brand specializes in out-of-the-box knits with bold patterns and unexpected shapes. Right now, I have my eyes on this halter sweater complete with detached sleeves.

Another brand giving knits a high-fashion twist is the buzzy label Hanifa. Created by DC native Anifa Mvuemba, Hanifa splashed onto the scene with its figure-hugging knit dresses and mood-enhancing prints. If my inner circle is any indication (practically all of my editor and publicist friends own a piece), you’ll be seeing a lot more of the brand come 2022.

Gloopy gold and dazzling vibrant stones are what make Mondo Mondo more refreshing than the gaggle of jewelry brands out there. Each piece feels like a vintage heirloom (without the musty smell and inflated price), adding a dash of instant glamour. Depending on your budget, you can opt for costume pieces or its selection of fine jewelry.

After writing about trends for over a decade, this year we took our hand at setting them ourselves with our very own in-house brand. With our team of fashion editors involved in the creative process, you can be sure that each piece is editor-approved and quite literally the very things we want to wear. It’s a great option to try if you’re into trend-forward pieces that don’t skimp out on quality.

Brooklyn-based designer Edvin Thompson has been a name familiar to my friends for a while, but within the past year, the designer has skyrocketed to newfound fame. With a CFDA award under his belt, I predict we’re just at the beginning of a long, exciting fashion journey. 

Beads, embellishments, and risque cutouts—what more could you want? From celeb endorsements like Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus,  Marshall Columbia is precisely the brand to reach for if you prefer your statements loud and your skirts, short. The brand’s signature aesthetic is fun keyhole cutouts and they’re everywhere from bodysuits, leggings, and tops. I’m already planning on buying a few pieces from the Ssense sale.

Since American Apparel’s untimely demise, have I not looked at a pair of shiny pants—that was until I found Rezek Studio. Never in my life did I imagine wearing anything stretchy, metallic, and shiny all at the same time, but I wouldn’t mind wearing its corset-and–disco-pant outfit every day of my life. The pants sit at a flattering high waist and leave you looking sculpted rather than exposed. Pretty much anything Rezek Studio is the perfect party solution to knowing what to wear.

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