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Selena Gomez Offers An Exclusive First Look at Sephora’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

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On World Mental Health Day, global beauty retailer Sephora announced their new anti-bullying measures, “Hearts, Not Hate” on their Instagram and website. To usher in this new wave of positivity, none other than Rare Beauty brand founder and anti-bullying advocate Selena Gomez is taking over their socials to lend her support.

Gomez has been vocal in the past about being the target of bullying, so it’s no surprise that she decided to partner with Sephora for the important changes they’re undertaking on their social media sites. “Online harassment can negatively affect your mental health, which is why I’m joining Sephora to help combat this issue,” Gomez said in Sephora’s campaign video, exclusively debuting on “I’m passionate about making our social spaces a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.”

Sephora partnered with anti-harassment nonprofit Hollaback! to create their new social media guidelines to create a hate-free space on the Internet. With the goal of making Sephora’s vast online community feel more comfortable and judgment-free, some of the tenets of Hearts, Not Hate will include raising the voices of kind creators and brands, being allies, and not allowing hateful messages on Sephora’s page.

In the announcement on their Instagram page, Sephora said: “Our content creators and audience are at the center of what we do on social media. That is why we are determined to make this a safer space for everyone–free of hurtful or harmful comments.” To hear more about Sephora’s changes and Selena Gomez’s role with the retailer, check out the full guidelines here.

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