The 10 Summer Outfits New Yorkers Will Wear Nonstop

NYC girls aren’t known for holding back, least of all with their fashion choices. A simple neighborhood stroll in the city will give you an endless number of outfit options as you watch the fashionable pedestrians walk past. City girls’ confidence is unmatched. There’s a variety of tastes, from minimalists to maximalists to the ones caught in between. From shorts sets and oversize blazers to colorful sneakers and statement dresses, the New York-based ladies below show us how to successfully pull off all of the above. 

Whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply want to get some outfit inspiration for your own summer looks, these 10 outfits are surely ones you’ll want to emulate. Get inspired with the looks we’ll be wearing again and again (and again) this summer. 

Keep it casual-cool this summer with a tank, jeans, and your favorite pair of vibrant sneakers.

I like to call this outfit type “The Row Effect” since it all started when Kendall Jenner wore the same ensemble in head-to-toe The Row and others followed suit. All you need is a white button-down, a T-shirt, and off-white trousers. 

Lighter materials are always the way to go in the summer. My favorite outfit formula is a lightweight button-down, a tank or tee, and printed pants.

I’ve been seeing L.A. girls pair their shorts sets with bikinis, and NYC girls wear them out and about with crisp tanks and black accessories. Choose your fighter.

Jorts season is among us whether you like it or not. Pair them with an easy tank top and strappy sandals.

If there’s a dress you’re going to buy for the summer, an airy white one should be your number one pick. It’s versatile and lightweight, and you’ll be wearing it for years to come. 

Slip dresses truly never go out of style. For a daytime look, pair one with your comfiest white sneaks. You can always add on a blazer and switch to heels for a nighttime transition. 

When June rolls around, I immediately pull out my frilly white blouses. Style yours with a pair of crisp shorts or trousers.

What’s one way to bring the fun into summer? A statement dress. It’s hard to walk into a store and not be bombarded with bright colors and prints. Pair it with coordinating accessories like Jasmine or opt for neutral tones to contrast.

Suit sets aren’t just for the fall. Opt for lighter materials like cotton and linen to satisfy your need for structured suiting.

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