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The Best Beauty Tips Editors Have Ever Received From Their Mothers

For many of us, our first exposure to beauty products and rituals came from watching the things that our mothers or mother figures did. From passing on traditions they grew up with to quickly applying lipstick on their way out the door or doing a dedicated skin-care routine each night, many of our beauty and self-care lessons have been handed down from the maternal figures in our families.

For some, these moments planted the seeds for their own self-care rituals. “I’m that kid who grew up playing around in my grandmother’s vintage perfume cabinet, messing with my mother’s lipstick, and getting into their jewelry boxes,” Brianna Arps, founder and CEO of Moodeaux, previously told POPSUGAR. “Being around really strong women who took pride in their appearances and self-care routines growing up really helped me identify the role that beauty could play in everyday life. Watching them also helped me to create some of my own routines as well.”

For others, they served to prove that you can truly do anything. “My mother believed in herself like no other. She would put on a full face of makeup to go to work at the post office,” Kim Roxie, founder and CEO of LAMIK Beauty previously told POPSUGAR. “When I thought about her and the confidence that she possessed, I knew I could get over my fears . . . and make my own cosmetics line.”

Beauty, for many mother figures and the people they helped to raise, has often provided moments of safety, education, and cultural pride. Tips shared during mundane conversations in childhood homes have helped to navigate awkward teenage years and have provided comfort on the journey into adulthood. Though conversations around beauty continue to evolve, there’s no expertise quite like a mother’s.

So ahead of Mother’s Day, we asked POPSUGAR editors to share the best tips that their mothers or mother figures have ever given them.

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