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The Best Setting Sprays on the Market

Every makeup routine needs a finishing touch that secures the whole look and pulls it together – that finishing touch is a setting spray. Whether you’re dealing with sweat, heat, creasing, or oily skin, a good setting spray can help keep your makeup looking fresh for longer. “Priming sprays are a bit more skin-care-focused and offer more texture for a smooth surface,” Allen Goldman, CEO of Skindinavia, told POPSUGAR. “Finishing sprays are about a healthy, luminous look and extended wear.”

A makeup setting spray is the last step in your routine that helps give your complexion a blended, flawless look while protecting and preserving it for long-lasting wear. Setting sprays use special polymers to seal your makeup in place, creating a breathable mesh on top. Investing in a quality setting spray made for your skin type and needs can be more effective in making your makeup last longer than a primer might. We rounded up the best setting sprays on the market. We found top-tier picks, including the bestselling Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and others from brands like Morphe, Charlotte Tilbury, and more. Shop our top picks ahead!

Additional reporting by Emily Orofino

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