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The Perfect Dutch-Fishtail Braid In Just 8 Steps

  • This part-fishtail braid, part-Dutch braid hairstyle is perfect for spring.
  • Hairstylist David Lopez explains how to mix two classic braid styles together to create a new look.
  • This elevated hairstyle is fast and easy to do.

At the start of a new season, it’s always fun to look for ways to change up your look and try new hairstyles. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than a casual ponytail, we recommend this Dutch-fishtail braid for your next outing. We enlisted the help of David Lopez, a T3 expert and Chrissy Teigen’s go-to hairstylist, to create an epic two-part plait perfect for any fun occasion.

From one side, it looks like a classic fishtail braid, but a quick turn reveals a Dutch braid on the other side.

What Is a Fishtail Braid?

A fishtail braid is very similar to a French braid, but instead of weaving three pieces of hair together, it weaves together only two sections. For each section, you pull pieces from the outside and bring them inward to create an intricate, dimensional braid. This plait works best on dirty or second-day hair – just spray your roots with dry shampoo before you style to add grip.

Ahead, find a step-by-step fishtail-braid tutorial with a Dutch braid mixed in.

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